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    35 Things You Don’t Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    A miniature library, a mint air fryer, colorful tinfoil, and 32 other wonderful non-necessities.

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    1. A biodegradable mini grill for enjoying delicious BBQ on the move. No camping trip is complete without some cheeseburgers!

    2. A pair of pull chains featuring a light bulb and a fan so you can finally, finally, FINALLY immediately know if you're turning on the light or the ceiling fan.

    3. A giant circle towel to use at the beach or at the park because your butt deserves something cute to sit on.

    4. A pink or mint roll of aluminum foil to help make bringing lunch to work sliiiightly more enjoyable.

    5. A terra cotta bear that will keep your brown sugar ~beary~ fresh and clump-free.

    6. A keychain for people with brass balls and who refuse to overpay for hilarious keychains.

    7. A pair of lobster wellies, because rain boots are a necessity so they might as well be cute.

    8. A humorous toilet sticker with some helpful information for your guests.

    9. A set of llama chip clips to avoid the drama of a stale bag of popcorn.

    10. A glasses stand you'll feel super lucky to have.

    11. A pair of ear crawlers that will ~leaf~ you breathless.

    12. Cactus cake toppers for people who always save room for ~desert~.

    13. An amewsing set of pens you'll need to keep an eye on or else someone might whisk(er) them away.

    14. A model library you can build yourself. And look — it even lights up!

    15. And a candle that smells like books to burn while working on your library so you can get the right ~ambiance~.

    16. A tiny little animal that keeps your charging cable safe from fraying while looking cute. It will be hard to chew-se which animal you want!

    17. A dozen sheet masks with cute illustrations that promise to help with everything from elasticity to brightening.

    18. A custom stained glass parrot that will look so squawking cute in your home.

    19. A little bubble window you can install in your fence so your dog can take a good, long hard look at the postman instead of just barking blindly.

    20. A Beauty and the Beast tumbler with a rose that will never wilt — and neither will you, if you stay hydrated!

    21. A cat pennant that declares a sentiment I think we can all agree with.

    22. A beautiful air fryer that will whip up crispy snacks and look damn good doing it.

    23. An upbeat golden retriever pin as adorable and reliable as the dog it's based on.

    24. A glamorous bodysuit that will make your outfit look out of this world.

    25. A helpful (and gorgeous) guide to common houseplants so you can learn what leafy friends are right for your home.

    26. A bottle of legendary SSam Sauce from Momofuku's Korean BBQ restaurant. Now you can enjoy some seriously tasty sauce for a fraction of the cost of a dinner bill there.

    27. A handheld journal and matching agenda stickers to help you get your life in order in the cutest way possible.

    28. A colorful roll of Pikachu washi tape ready to surf right into your cart.

    29. A somewhat nondescript mug with a surprise animal waiting inside. Just be sure to warn your guests about the fox lurking at the bottom of their mug.

    30. A lip scrub that foams as you apply it and leaves you with silky soft lips.

    31. A subscription to Lunarly — a service that mails you plants, candles, crystals, and other fun items that help you practice *~mindful living~*.

    32. A pair of peanut butter and jelly sweaters for you and the sweet friend who balances your salty attitude.

    33. A glowing dog leash to keep your curious pup safe at night and, OK, also looking really fucking cool.

    34. A sleek, customizable coffee mug with a button-operated leak-proof lid worth waking up for in the morning.

    35. And an upsettingly adorable toucan egg cup that would also work as an air plant holder.

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