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    31 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    Rainbow string lights, a happy cactus rug, fancy caramels, and 27 other fun things that you don't necessarily *need* but definitely want.

    1. An oversized silicone phone case that might not be practical, but will definitely give your selfies an added boost.

    2. A neon sign that has absolutely no time for anyone's nonsense.

    3. A ball locket holding a secret message just for you.

    4. A collection of squishy little animals you won't be able to stop poking.

    5. A pair of embroidered socks that are the eye-deal height for showing off with some cut-off jeans.

    6. A ceramic bear honey pot for a nice piece of kitchen decor that would simultaneously enthrall and horrify Winnie the Pooh.

    7. A heart-embellished clutch perfect to bring along on your Valentine's Day date.

    8. A happy cactus rug for the cutest Santa Fe decor ever.

    9. Velvet-lined stockings to keep you warm, because it's never too cold to wear a cute dress, dammit.

    10. An invaluable guide to fortifying and protecting your home from the looming threat of a lawn gnome uprising.

    11. A desk light you won't be able to clam up about.

    12. A wondrous chest filled with the greatest treasure of all: the Harry Potter series.

    13. A collared button-down that you'll be thirsty for.

    14. A Sailor Moon–themed notebook just waiting to be filled with Tuxedo Mask doodles.

    15. A strawberry bucket bag that looks cute enough to eat.

    16. A bear-y cute surge protector and power strip with four outlets and two USB ports.

    17. A book about lagom: the Swedish art of living a balanced and happy life.

    18. A set of felted wool sheep in dapper outfits that could probably be featured in an issue of GQ.

    19. A graphic pullover sweater you'll really heart. You'll basically be a walking valentine.

    20. A clever bookmark that will shed some light on where you left off in your book.

    21. Cascading rainbow string lights to instantly make a hue-ge difference to any room.

    22. Sephora lipstick that comes in almost every color and finish. They're all packaged in beautifully designed tubes.

    23. A personalized necklace modeled after your little Monet's latest art piece.

    24. A pair of Good Vibes ear jackets exuding positivity. You basically can't have a bad day while wearing these.

    25. A tube of assorted caramels for people looking to widen their candy horizons.

    26. Matte soy candles that look as good as they smell.

    27. Scrabble string lights you can use to put your winning word from game night up in lights.

    28. An illustrated book featuring the lives of 100 revolutionary women who broke down boundaries for future generations of women.

    29. A simple glasses pouch you have to see to believe.

    30. A beautifully etched rocks glass featuring the map of your home city or topographic lines of your favorite island or mountain.

    31. A metal pointer so you'll never leave the house without your keys again.

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