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    39 Things You Don't Need But Will Probably Buy Anyway

    Or...maybe you *do* need them?

    1. An adorable narwhal lunch bag so you'll make a ~point~ of bringing lunch to work every day.

    2. A vinyl sticker for car owners with a macabre sense of humor.

    3. A cult-favorite Australian lip balm to give you soft, pillowy lips perfect for smooching kangaroos*.

    4. A set of ceramic planters so all your baby succulents can have as nice a home as you.

    5. A long-sleeve bodysuit that will really ~mesh~ with your style.

    6. A flamingo bowl for breakfast that'll tickle you pink.

    7. A pack of rainbow socks guaranteed to make a hue-ge difference to your drawer selection.

    8. A single-issue magazine dedicated to the wonderful horror that was 2003.

    9. A chipper, hand-lettered mirror to greet you every morning.

    10. A hungry little animal that keeps the most vulnerable part of your cable safe from fraying.

    11. A pair of rainbow kicks for feeling like you're walking on sunshine (after a heavy rainstorm).

    12. A pair of toilet shot glasses so you can get ~shit-faced~ with your equally immature pals.

    13. A pack of animal erasers almost too cute to use — maybe you'll just learn to love your mistakes?

    14. A mermaid pool float so charming, you won't even have to ~fish~ for compliments.

    15. A pack of playing cards — they give the phrase "animal kingdom" a whole new meaning.

    16. A sloth mug for when you're feeling reeeeeaaaalllyyyy slow in the morning.

    17. A macro lens band you can easily wrap around your phone to capture things SUPER close-up.

    18. A mesh tote so you can show off your adorable phone case.

    19. A pair of novelty beach clips to keep your towel as secure as the strawberry daiquiri you're clutching.

    20. A pooping unicorn plush that'll make you laugh so hard you might need to use the bathroom.

    21. A soy wax candle so aesthetically pleasing we honestly don't even care what it smells like.

    22. A dog bottle opener keychain you'll be able to ~spot~ in your bag in record time.

    23. A comfortable tee with cross-cross cut-outs for looking like you got in a fight with some scissors — in a good way.

    24. A snowglobe-like ring for some bling that really sparkles.

    25. A mascara comb for clump-free lashes every time.

    26. Retro-style jean shorts to wear while enjoying any number of '90s revivals out these days.

    27. A polka-dotted honey pot everyone will find ~beary~ cute in your kitchen.

    28. A pair of sorry and not sorry sweatshirts for you and the friend who's always apologizing for you.

    29. A Totoro toothbrush holder so your kiddos will actually want to brush their teeth.

    30. A T-shirt that understands your pain.

    31. A huge cache of nail decals for some easy flair you can apply at home.

    32. A glittery purse to make everyone extremely ~jelly~ when they see it.

    33. A pair of hoop earrings with little clear orbs for people with ~bubbly~ personalities.

    34. A Monopoloy spin-off game dedicated to everyone's best friend: dogs!

    35. A string of planet lights you'll want orbiting your bedroom ASAP.

    36. A round blanket for your home, picnics, or the beach.

    37. A "no ragrets" temporary tattoo for fans of The Millers, or owning mistakes in general.

    38. A little squid friend made with plant extracts, black mud, and charcoal to scrub away impurities on your skin for an un-inkably amazing complexion.

    39. And an industrial double shelf perfect for making your new clutter look AMAZING!

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