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    39 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

    "Yes I do." —you, explaining all of your purchases to yourself.

    1. A 13-month planner complete with color-coded month tabs, illustrations, a pocket page, a coloring page, and STICKERS so you can take on all of 2018 and 2019's little problems.

    2. A Moody Cards desk display to warn your coworkers before they approach with new baby pictures.

    3. A set of Lip Smacker's Lip Therapy balms for when you feel like your lips need medical attention.

    4. An anglerfish book light that will have you ~reeling~ over how cute it is.

    5. A soy candle inspired by each of the zodiac signs — they even have a crystal inside so you won't feel sad about burning the whole thing.

    6. A color-block sweater to add some color to your otherwise monochrome wardrobe.

    7. A proboscis monkey plush — a lad and an absolute unit.

    8. A graphic tee for anyone who is still bitter they never got to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

    9. An ombre umbrella that will make you feel great-iant about the rainy weather.

    10. A monstera leaf necklace to instantly make any outfit 1000% more tropical.

    11. A set of adorable nautical toothpicks sure to brighten up your bento box lunch or even your homemade cocktail.

    12. A peachy bath mat you'll be keen on.

    13. An invaluable guide to why dogs eat poop, and lots of other gross animal facts to weird your co-workers out with.

    14. A relatable enamel pin that's no lemon.

    15. A geometric earrings to ~round~ out your outfit.

    16. A bubblewrap calendar — yes, it's late in the year to buy a calendar, but that just means you get to pop four and a half month's worth of bubbles in one go.

    17. A champagne blanket for people with bubbly personalities.

    18. A nice mug to fill with coffee as you sit down for another Forensic Files marathon.

    19. A stainless steel travel mug with all the style of a camping mug but none of the dreaded outdoors.

    20. A set of flaming(o) candles you'll want to use even if it isn't anyone's birthday.

    21. A candle with a scent inspired by books, so you can stop sniffing tomes and freaking people out at the library.

    22. A pack of rainbow silicone cupcake cups that will save you money in the long run.

    23. A set of cactus PJs for looking on *point* even when it's bed time.

    24. A pair of matching sweatshirts because friends don't let friends make bad decisions...alone.

    25. A poke-able corgi mouse pad to ease your wrist pain and make work way more fun.

    26. And a pack of socks everyone will love, no butts about it.

    27. A flower floor pillow that doubles as decor and last minute seating for surplus guests.

    28. A cheeky one-piece to help get rid of some unwanted tanlines.

    29. Or a cat swimsuit purrfect for taking a cat nap at the beach.

    30. A magnetic phone holder that snaps onto your car's air vent, so your phone (aka your GPS) is always at eye level.

    31. A formal, no-nonsense birthday sign courtesy of the party planning commission's temporary members, Dwight and Jim.

    32. A recipe book for people who are reluctantly trying to eat healthier but still need more than a wimpy salad.

    33. A luxe velvet tank that will answer the age-old question "what am I going to wear out tonight?"

    34. A houseplant trinket dish to ~leaf~ your tiny belongings in.

    35. A pair of rainbow sequin sneakers with a different kind of arch support.

    36. A gold bangle you really have to give a hand to.

    37. An ultra-dark mascara for thick, long lashes that last all day.

    38. A Mrs. Potts tea infuser I honestly can't believe didn't exist sooner.

    39. And a flower-lined kimono perfect for light spring breezes.

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