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    25 Awesome Products You Didn't Know You Could Customize

    If you like them, then you should put your name (or face or pet or ______) on it.

    1. An amp doormat that features a last name on the corner for any music lovers you know.

    2. An adorable, bunny towel with an eared hood and the name of your choice stitched on the back.

    3. A bottle of BuzzFeed's Wordy Wine — you can spice it up with your own caption slapped on the label.

    4. A vibrant pair of briefs featuring the face of special certain someone.

    5. An amazing whiskey barrel you can get branded with names and a date for some serious celebrating.

    6. A fancy throw pillow printed with the stunning likeness of your pet.

    7. A bamboo grill set you'll never misplace because it has initials carved right into it.

    8. A subscription to Care/of, a service that lets you tailor your vitamin intake to your exact needs.

    9. An official BuzzFeed Tasty cookbook you can customize with the ingredients you're actually interested in cooking.

    10. A cookie cutter modeled after anyone you want, because who doesn't want to take a bite out of their loved ones sometimes?

    11. A romantic mug to show that love always finds a way, no matter the distance.

    12. A kind-of-freaky pillow you can get stamped with your or your friend's mug.

    13. A lettered cutting board for displaying your love to the whole kitchen.

    14. A classic cotton bandana with a personal twist so no one can steal it.

    15. A rustic hand-hooked pillow perfect for flaunting any name you'd like to display in a log cabin.

    16. A illustrated print of your family in a rare moment when you're not all bickering.

    17. A customizable shampoo and conditioner designed (by you) to address all your hair goals.

    18. A service that let's you create fun words and names with Duplo blocks.

    19. A handmade stamp so you and your SO can now literally give your stamp of approval.

    20. A custom birthday book filled with New York Times front pages from the date of your choice.

    21. A beautifully illustrated journal you can write a name on to make your notes extra personal.

    22. A custom game of four-across that can have letters, numbers, and hearts instead of boring old circles for holes.

    23. A glossy, coffee table book filled with all your favorite things — because you designed it yourself!

    24. A charming magnet that looks just like you, your pet, or anyone else you'd like to see on a refrigerator.

    25. An Urban Decay lipstick you can get engraved.

    Me stamping my name on everything:

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