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    23 Things That'll Help You Have The Coolest Locker In School

    You're gonna be sooo popular.

    1. Add a carpet to make your locker feel more like home.

    2. Keep pens and pencils handy with a helpful—and adorable—mint holder.

    3. Make the most of the space you have with a locker shelf.

    4. Bring some nature to the locker scene with a magnetic vase for holding a flower (ideally a fake one).

    5. Install a magnetic chandelier with a motion sensor light to class up the joint.

    6. Wrap items in washi tape if the original color isn't to your liking.

    7. Add some color with some magnetic LED lights.

    8. Cover the walls with removable wallpaper to add some personality.

    9. Stick some planetary magnets on the door for some out of this world decor.

    10. Or make your own using plain, industrial magnets.

    Also science teacher approved.

    Get the tutorial on Yellow Brick Home.

    11. Add a little sparkle to getting out textbooks with battery powered string lights.

    12. Make your locker look bigger with a classic trick—adding a mirror.

    13. Start a party with adisco ball for the top of your locker.

    14. Construct elegant poetry with magnetic words.

    15. Hit the bullseye with this dart board magnet—it'll keep all your metal items in sight.

    16. Stick gold polka dots on the walls for some kitschy charm.

    17. Show off pictures with a clothespin and sloth paperclips.

    18. Leave notes and reminders for later with fun, dry erase word bubble magnets.

    19. Go for a Santa Fe decor style and add some bold cactus magnets.

    20. Become a fairy princess with removable butterfly decals.

    21. Hide any unwanted smells with an air freshener based on the world's greatest Hide and Seek champ.

    22. Practice your Scrabble skills with magnetic letter pieces.

    23. And feel like an old-school movie theater owner with this magnetic peg board.

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