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    27 Things That'll Help Make Your Desk Into Your Happy Place

    You have to sit there almost every day so you might as well like it.

    1. A pack of planet sticky notes for ideas that are out of this world.

    2. A pack of jelly highlighters sure to make everyone super ~jelly~.

    3. A set of cat spoons that hang over the side of your mug and watch you while you type.

    4. A Wonder Woman letter opener, because if you're going to wield a tiny sword, it better be a good one.

    5. A desk organizer with plenty of room to display all your awesome desk decor.

    6. A squishy wrist cushion that'll provide plenty of support and entertainment.

    7. A set of Harry Potter book clips to magically make your memos more interesting and easier to navigate.

    8. A cat photo holder that's like, almost too cute. Like, are you kitten me?

    9. An iridescent binder holder to really make your notes shine.

    10. And an iridescent lamp that'll shine on your desk, even if it isn't on.

    11. A set of vibrant highlighters sure to make you want to color code all your notes — and everyone else's too.

    12. An armadillo card holder you'll want to show everyone in the office.

    13. A pack of pen holders to stick to the bottom of your monitor when desk space is limited.

    14. A mini desk calendar filled to the brim with adorable cat illustrations. 2020 is shaping up to be cat-tastic.

    15. A cute tea infuser you may end up displaying on your desk more than actually using because of all the compliments you'll get.

    16. A bear-y nice letter organizer to make all your files and memos look less daunting.

    17. A Persian rug mousepad so your mouse can feel as fancy as you do.

    18. A desktop game that converts your mundane desk supplies into tools for fun.

    19. A monitor attachment providing ample room for sticky notes and inspirational messages.

    20. A sloth to-do list pad that helps you get everything organized and ready to be completed so you can get to your daily nap faster than ever.

    21. A pack of confetti magnets to make your file cabinets party-ready.

    22. An animal charger cover so your desk neighbor can't claim ignorance if they try to steal your cord again.

    23. A glass candy jar that looks like an open sandwich baggie. Funny and filled with snacks? Be still, my heart.

    24. A mini wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man — you can learn some great moves from this guy.

    25. Clip-style bookmarks to make every heap of paper seem way more welcoming.

    26. A pack of bunny and carrot pens — arguably the cutest thing you'll ever see.

    27. And a pack of cityscape erasers to give your desk a concrete sense of style.

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