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    34 Things That Reviewers Say They Would Absolutely Recommend

    Canker sore stickers, fruity lip balm, a houseplant guidebook, and other things that reviewers give their gold stamp of approval.

    1. A variety pack of Pipcorn — a gluten-free cheese ball alternative that's just as tasty as the original.

    Pipcorn founders hold up all the bags of cheese balls

    2. A Bluetooth speaker that can go wherever you go so you can always have your backing track playing.

    light blue rectangle speaker on table

    3. A pool hammock to ensure your backyard swim session is as relaxing as possible.

    models show four ways to use the hammock: a bed, a chair, something to lean on like driftwood, or an exercise saddle

    4. Three bunches of water balloons that all inflate at once to take the prep time out of impromptu water fights.

    hose connected to a contraption that inflates a bunch of water balloons at once

    5. A gluten-free lentil pasta from Modern Table for anyone looking for less carbs and more protein in their meals. Each serving has up to 20 grams of protein!

    a stock photo of the rotini pasta cooked with spinach, mandarin and rhubarb

    6. Some anti-chafing bands that look stylish and protect your thighs from rubbing together when you wear skirts or dresses.

    reviewer holds up dress to show lacy black bands on thighs

    7. A trio of Glossier's ultra-popular lip balm here to soothe your cracked and dry lips. There are seven amazing scents to choose from so you're definitely gonna want all three.

    8. A mosquito repellent that's scent-, spray-, smoke-, cord-, and all around hassle-free.

    red tube-shaped electronic device on table

    9. A "hilarious" mug covered in dad jokes that will come in handy when you need a groan-worthy gag ASAP.

    mug covered in dad jokes that says "emergency dad jokes" in big letters

    10. Peace Out's pore treatment offers strips that fight excess oil and blackheads. Just put them on at night and wake up to admire the results.

    rectangle and nose shaped patches shown next to the bags that have peace hand signs on them

    11. A pack of Affresh tablets to make sure the thing making your dishes clean is also clean.

    model adds tablet to dishwasher

    12. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado — a superstar eye cream that harnesses the power of avocado to moisturize the delicate skin under your peepers. It also has shea butter (known to help bring bounce back to skin) and beta-carotene (a good antioxidant) in its arsenal.

    the thick light green cream in a small jar shown with slices of avocado

    13. A sleek silverware tray to bring order back to your cutlery drawer.

    a thin rectangular organizer that stacks silverware in cascading style

    14. A microfiber towel that works a lot better than your usual towel. It absorbs water quickly and lacks those little loops that would normally pull and damage your strands.

    model dries hair with towel

    15. An ear treatment to clean your pet's ears of buildup, and prevent inflammation and irritation. All the better for them to hear you tell them how much you them love one million times.

    reviewer shows dogs crusty, red, swollen ear slowly getting better over five days

    16. A heated massager you can use on your shoulders, lower back, or other areas of the body that need some loving.

    massager on reviewer's pillow

    17. An organic cat grass-growing kit for the cat who struggles with frequent hairballs. It's made from a blend of barley, flax, oat, and wheat seeds and is a safe source of vitamins and minerals.

    18. Pimple patches that prove stickers are really the greatest thing in the world. These little friends will suck out sebum and noticeably diminish pimples overnight.

    on the left: finger holds up small circular sticker with sebum on it. on the right: box of stickers that say "mighty patch"

    19. Sticky trap plant stakes to save your houseplants from those annoying flying freeloaders.

    yellow sticky flag into potted plant covered in small flies

    20. A bristled bug catcher that snatches up creepy crawlies from a safe distance and lets you chuck 'em outside.

    a model holds a handle with long pole and bristles at the end of it and uses it to catch spider on wall

    21. A portable personal blender so you can start every morning with a nutritious breakfast even if you have to have it while running out the door.

    left: reviewer hand holds small bottle-shaped blender with fruit in it right: same bottle but the fruit is blended

    22. A nail and cuticle oil to bring life back to your damaged nails, even if you did something really bad like — gasp! — peel off a gel manicure.

    left: reviewer hand with brittle nails right: the same hand with smooth nails

    23. Some touch-up razors designed to help you quickly clean up eyebrows and peach fuzz.

    24. A wood polish and conditioner to bring your furniture back to its former glory.

    a wooden table with half of it looking darker and shinier

    25. An eyeliner stamp because even the most weathered cat eye experts mess up their wings every now and then.

    26. A powder cleanser to arm yourself with when tackling the toughest of stains. It'll be like you bought a brand new set of pots and pans.

    a pan that's half rusted and dirty and half shiny and clean with the cleaner next to it

    27. A Squatty Potty that raises your feet to create the ~optimal pooping position~. Bathroom trips will be a lot more efficient from now on.

    a stool with a U-shaped area so it can wrap around the toilet when not in use

    28. A brightening face mask made with 100% pure, edible fruits like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn perry. It smells tropical, is packed with vitamin C, and gently exfoliates your skin. Just add water to activate.

    an open container of orange powder next to a bowl of powder mixed with water to create the bright orange mask

    29. A portable cereal cup that lets you eat your breakfast on the move, no spoon or bowl needed.

    30. A Diamond Dazzle Stik because you can only keep using the phrase "shine bright like a diamond" if your diamonds are actually shining.

    left: reviewer diamond looking faded and blurry right: diamond looking clean and sharp

    31. A pack of canker sore patches to heal those suckers in as little as one day. That means less stress — and less stress means less canker sores. The cycle is broken.

    left: reviewer shoes canker sore on gum right" canker sore is almost entirely gone

    32. A glitzy ring that doubles as a fidget spinner to keep your fingers busy and looking good.

    33. How to Raise a Plant: and Make It Love You Back — a lovely book from the creators of the House Plant Club that'll help you take proper care of your leafy friends.

    34. And a pair of massage slippers that are meant to be worn for 15 minutes at a time to help with various foot pain problems.

    model wears slide-like shoes with velcro straps and button-shaped dots on the sole

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