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    23 Supportive Little Products That Just Want To Help You

    Things that will help you confidently live your best life.

    1. This teeny-tiny egg cup that celebrates the act of trying, even if you don't succeed.

    2. This eye-catching guided journal that reminds you to take some time to practice self-care.

    3. This typewriter enamel pin for the creative type.

    4. These encouraging pens to motivate you to work hard every time you look at them.

    5. This five-year journal with daily questions that you answer each year so you can compare your responses and see your personal growth right on the page.

    6. This pack of compliment cards for spreading positivity to all your friends and family.

    7. This 30-day challenge notepad that gently recommends one activity a day to help you take a breather from your hectic life.

    8. This round corkboard with cloud-shaped push pins to urge you to dream big.

    9. This celebratory ribbon for awarding yourself for one of life's little victories.

    10. This complimentary card holder that will make you happy without even having to take any credit cards out.

    11. An instructional manual on how to not be a dick.

    12. This aggressive coloring book for people who want to take fucking control of their lives.

    13. This monstrously adorable mug covered in beasts that are rooting for you.

    14. This motivational book filled with quotes and other inspirational musings for when you need some encouragement.

    15. This blunt baseball cap to wear when you want to some firm but fair criticism every time you look in the mirror.

    16. These motherly water bottles with time markings so you remember to drink water all day.

    17. This dumbbell alarm clock you can only shut off by doing 30 reps.

    18. This inflatable crown that will give you the poise and confidence of royalty.

    19. This decisive pen you can put your faith in by asking it the tough (yes or no) questions.

    20. This total charmer of a mug to start your mornings feeling confident and appreciated.

    21. This culinary print that reminds you to take some me-time—and also add some thyme to your cooking because that stuff is delicious.

    22. This organizer pad you can use to help figure out what you're eating in advance so you don't end up skipping meals out of crippling indecision.

    23. This peppy mug set that reminds you to get out there and enjoy every day.

    Keep up the good work out there!