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    36 Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Even Nicer

    New furniture, string lights, and other items that'll give your place a serious upgrade.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gold bookcase that'll look Au-some in your home.

    five level bookshelf

    2. A colorful shag area rug with a beautiful look you'll be floored by.

    tufted rug

    3. A mint cake stand for some retro bakery charm. Time to start charging your roommates a nickel for each cookie they take.

    mint cake stand

    Promising review: "I bought this cake stand as a gift for my sister. She loved it! It looks like a vintage cake pedestal. I shop estate sales and these type of cake stands sell for a whole lot more than $30." β€”paulakpoo

    Price: $29.82

    4. String lights with photo clips so your family pics can really shine.

    sting lights with photo clips

    5. A trio of floral serving bowls to make your food look even more beautiful.

    three different sized bowls in yellow blue and red

    6. A nautical looking cabinet you can probably fill with stuff like beach glass, shells, and dried starfish.

    cobalt cabinet with windows and cross wood over the glass

    7. A pair of nesting tables you can keep together or break up and use in separate rooms.

    grey end table with natural wood legs

    8. An industrial bar cart everyone will love to see, even if it's not filled with booze. It's just as nice in the bathroom holding towels and toiletries!

    bar cart with black metal and natural wood shelves

    9. A ladder bookshelf to help you climb new literary heights.

    black and dark wood leaning bookshelf

    10. An Edison lamp and wax warmer for some multi-tasking steampunk-chic decor.

    wax warmer with retro lightbulb under the wax

    11. A clear beauty organizer so you don't have to dig through all your makeup bags looking for one specific eyeshadow palette.

    clear box with two shelves

    12. A reversible L-shaped desk that looks a lot like β€” dare I say it? β€” Megadesk.

    desk with three drawers and a whole shelf on the other side

    13. A 19-piece set of colorful cookware, so you can have all the tools you need to make some Tasty recipes at home.

    the set

    14. Glam geo wall art that's a hidden gem ready to spruce up your space.

    art with colorblock mountain design

    15. Large bulb string lights to set the mood in your backyard.

    large glass bulb sting lights

    16. An ottoman with a secret storage space inside so you can buy even MORE shoes! Hooray!

    round ottoman with pockets for shoes

    17. An adjustable lamp to add some sophisticated charm to your home. What is this, a law office?

    gold standing light

    18. A little rack so your keys will be right in your face on your way out the door. Good luck forgetting them nowβ€” Oh hey, wait come back! You forgot your keys!

    five hook rack

    19. A bathtub caddy so you can set up your relaxation battle station.

    over the tub caddy

    20. A roll of shelf liner to protect your cabinets, drawers, and fridge shelves from getting irreversibly gross.

    drawer liner

    21. A little window basket so your cat can relax and glare at the neighbors instead of getting into trouble.

    cat lounges in the rubbery stick on the window bed

    22. An over-the-door cabinet organizer to free up some counter/drawer space while still letting you have the essentials close-by.

    metal over the door shelf with room for three bottles

    23. A locker-style end table to bring some high school charm to your home. Luckily, there will be no bullies to stuff you into it.

    metal end table shaped like locker

    24. A tiered plant stand to bring your plant decor to new heights.

    A plant stand shaped like three tier stairs

    25. A scalloped tufted headboard that'll serve as an excellent backdrop for your in-bed Zoom calls.

    tufted blue backboard

    26. A circular play tent if you're beginning to relate to the comic title Family Circus.

    black and white striped tent

    27. A beach hangout birdhouse so even your feathery friends can enjoy a refreshing tropical drink (sorry birds, but it's BYOB).

    beach hangout birdhouse

    28. An easy bidet toilet attachment to treat your behind to. It deserves it!

    The bidet toilet attachment

    29. A rolling armless office chair that's an affordable and no-nonsense choice for your chic home office.

    The rolling office chair in white

    30. A wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet that just might trick you into thinking you're slipping into a freshly made 5-star hotel bed.

    The wrinkle-resistant microfiber sheet in arctic white

    31. A LED wireless charging lamp providing both light and a charge for your smartphone.

    white led charger lamp on side table charging a phone

    32. An expandable shower caddy for anyone who is sick of accidentally knocking all their shampoo bottles into the tub every time they get in.

    bronze shower caddy with various bottles

    33. A set of under-bed storage bags that'll keep your seasonal garments and bedding stashed away safely and not say, bursting out of your over-stuffed closet.

    underbed storage bag filled with clothes on a bedroom floor

    34. An upholstered mid-century modern chair pretty much made for relaxing in while flipping through Architectural Digest.

    low chair with wooden legs and grey fabric

    35. A set of natural seagrass and rope baskets offering a chic alternative to throwing everything in plastic bins.

    two storage blankets made of tan and black rope and seagrass with two handles holding books

    36. A globe lamp offering up minimalist style that'll light up your eyes (and the room).

    a white orb lamp with a brass cylindrical base

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