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    33 Things For Your Home No One Will Believe You Got From Walmart

    "Wait, really?" —everyone when you tell them where you got everything in your house.

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    1. A pretty floral comforter from the Pioneer Woman collection sure to please everyone, which is good, because picking out bedding for two can be a thorny situation.

    2. A textured fabric shower curtain sure to make your bathroom's decor really bloom.

    3. A gradient blanket ready to be your go-to for movie night.

    4. A modern looking lamp that will shed some light on your great taste.

    5. A tufted square cushion that's fashionable and way easier to store than extra chairs.

    6. An accent chair with a nailhead trim that will really hammer home how nice your place has gotten.

    7. A farmhouse storage bookcase that'll make you say "shut the barn door! This is beautiful."

    8. A wood cut-out lamp you wood-n't want to ever be without.

    9. A midcentury coffee table with darling hairpin legs that'll be the perfect home for all your fave coffee table books.

    10. A set of floral food containers that are a step above your recycled takeout containers.

    11. A vintage-style, tufted couch to make your tiny apartment feel fancy as hell.

    12. An ombre flower vase that will look soo great-ient once you put a bouquet in it.

    13. A prep set with a measuring cup and bowls that look like you could have gotten them from a little shop in the countryside.

    14. A macrame wall hanging to break up your tendency of using only traditionally framed art. Step outside of the box!

    15. A rustic slate cheese board you can personalize — everyone will think you have gouda taste when you break it out.

    16. A teal-striped blanket, so you can feel like you're at your beach house instead of your apartment.

    17. A colorful shag area rug with a beautiful look you'll be ~floored~ by.

    18. A Himalayan salt lamp for feeling like a wellness guru without actually putting in any work.

    19. A tufted armchair you can lounge in while reflecting on how much money you've saved.

    20. A gold-finish bookshelf to give your beloved tomes the elegant display they deserve.

    21. A metal bed frame so unique it's gonna have your friends ~green~ with envy over your bedroom aesthetic.

    22. A furry pillow everyone will be ~fuzzing~ about when they hear how little you paid for it.

    23. A midcentury couch sure to be the finishing touch to your decor magazine-worthy home.

    24. A boho three-piece quilt set you'll want to put on your bed before it even gets cold outside.

    25. A mudroom bench so striking everyone is gonna want to get the dirt on where you found it.

    26. An aroma diffuser you may run all day long so you never have to smell air that isn't scented with the wonderfully calming aroma of lavender.

    27. A TV stand to really elevate your entertainment set-up.

    28. A two-pack of lights you can string around your apartment to create a twinkling wonderland. Hey, you might even be so focused on the lights that you'll forget you live in a shoebox.

    29. A spiffy student desk you'll actually want to sit at.

    30. A children's bookshelf for anyone who keeps meaning to ~pencil in~ enough time to find fun pieces for the kids' room (or your own room).

    31. A medallion tapestry to cover your oh-so boring white bedroom walls with colorful and intricate patterns.

    32. A 15-piece bowl and baking set from BuzzFeed's Tasty collection that's not only functional but will also add a fun pop of color to your kitchen.

    33. A cookie pan almost as good looking as the snickerdoodles you'll be baking.

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