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    37 Things For People Who Just Like Cool-Looking Stuff

    "Very nice." —my eyeballs.

    1. A pack of bold hanging earrings that'll have all eyes on you, literally.

    four sets of earrings shaped like an eye, hand, squiggle, and eye-lip-hand combo

    2. A bottle of ferrofluid to make spiky designs that move and change with just a magnet.

    model uses magnets to make black liquid in glass bottle spiky

    3. A color-changing shower head so you can have a solo rave party in the shower.

    light up shower head

    4. A cloud-shaped bath bomb that spits out RAINBOWS!

    white cloud bath bomb that melts into streaking rainbows when in water

    5. A magical looking music box you'll be over the moon for.

    wood base with clear glass sphere and moon inside

    6. A pair of glow-in-the-dark Jack Skellington pens so you can write semi-threatening letters to Santa.

    7. A glass water bottle pretty enough to possibly convince you to actually stay hydrated.

    blue bottle with white clouds

    8. A pack of rainbow playing cards so every hand could be a great-ient one.

    solid color cards placed in rainbow order to create gradient

    9. A rotating day-to-night clock to make watching the clock a way more pleasurable experience.

    10. A peace sign vase sure to make your space feel more peaceful. That's just common sense. Peace sign in home = peaceful home.

    matte mint vase shaped like peace sign

    11. A bottled ghost to use in emergency haunting situations.

    little ghost hanging in small glass jar with cork stopper

    12. A privacy window film that's easy to install and fills your home with lots of rainbows when the sun hits it just right. Now you can sing "somewheeeere over the rainbow" as you step over your cat.

    13. A planet bath bomb making kit for baths that are out of this world.

    14. A trendy bubble candle so cool looking, you may never wanna burn it.

    square candle with nine bubbles on each side

    15. Battery-operated fairy lights to add some warmth to your home.

    mason jar with fairy lights inside

    16. A pack of space-themed notecards you'll be starry-eyed for.

    pile of cards with moon designs on them

    17. A super pretty doormat that will happily greet you ever time you return home.

    rainbow door mat

    18. A colorful patterned Baggu to help you cut down on plastic grocery bag waste and look good doing it.

    19. A cozy and pretty blanket you'll love, especially when you find out it's glow in the dark!

    blue fuzzy blanket with stars and moons

    20. A tarot tapestry that sees tasteful and cool home decor in your future.

    tapestry that says the sun with horse and moon and flowers

    21. A cool kit that lets you make slime you can legit draw on with chalk art markers. How cool is that???

    22. A pair of fishnet socks with bow-backs that are a-bow-t to make every outfit way more edgy and chic.

    the socks

    23. A pack of spooky tea towels so your kitchen can get into the Halloween spirit.

    three tea towels with vintage style halloween patterns like poison labels and skulls

    24. A shark bookmark lurking just below the surface of a good read.

    25. A gummy bear scrunchie or Croc charm to help you show off your deep love for candy.

    26. A statement chair covered in mermaid sequins so you can change the look with just a stroke of the hand.

    green sequin chair with pink streak where someone pet it

    27. Butterfly hair clips that takes the '90s trend to new heights.

    28. A peaceful No Face figure for your garden, bookshelf, desk, or wherever else you need company.

    no face from spirited away figure with mouse and yarn in lap and small basket with yarn and the bird that was once a big baby

    29. A rainbow leash to make walking your dog an even more colorful and fun experience.

    30. A blooming tea for anyone who expects a good show out of their beverages.

    31. A trendy transparent raincoat that comes with black outline details so you can feel like a cartoon every time it rains.

    clear raincoat with black line embellishments

    32. A jack-o-lantern beret for all your spooky fashion needs.

    black and orange berets with small jack o lantern faces on the front

    33. A disco ball-inspired face mask so you can feel like you're the life of the party, even if you decided to stay home and pamper yourself instead.

    34. A cactus humidifier, because your desk place doesn't have to feel as dry as a desert, even if you'd like it to look like one.

    cactus shaped humidifier

    35. A DIY miniature bookstore model so you can finally run your own (very) small business.

    36. A pair of glass vases beautiful enough to steal the spotlight from any flowers you put in them.

    glass beakers held in metal vase

    37. A holographic nail polish that shimmers so nicely in the sunlight, you might dunk all your other nail polishes right in the trash.

    holographic silver nail polish

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