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    26 Useful Products For Anyone Who Gets Stressed Out Super Easily

    We've all been there.

    1. Run your fingers through this extra-fuzzy rug the next time you just need to be alone with something soft.

    2. A selection of squishy animals you can squeeze to your heart's delight.

    3. Treat yourself to a face mask and temporarily borrow the identity of an animal so people stop bothering you.

    4. Look into these color-changing candles the next time you need to do something mindless and relaxing.

    5. Make losing stuff a way less scary ordeal using a key finder that can track your belongings.

    6. Stop getting overwhelmed with all your cables and wrap them up using these inexpensive cord bundlers.

    7. Get the best head massage of your life with a claw-like gadget that vibrates and taps.

    8. Abuse this colorful and durable doll the next time you want to get some aggression out.

    9. Blow off some steam and work up an appetite with a stress sausage.

    10. Feel a lot better about your upcoming week when it's all laid out in front you using a non-dated planner.

    11. Never worry about ordering that giant chocolate ice cream cone when you have a stain stick handy at all times.

    12. Feel instantly better once you slip on some unicorn slippers that light up when you walk in them.

    13. Eliminate worrying about your phone's charge by looking at this adorable power bank's reassuring face.

    14. Sink into this gigantic beanbag when life gets to be just too much.

    15. Enjoy some company during your tea break with this Nessie tea infuser.

    16. Make getting ready in the morning way less hectic with a makeup bag that doubles as an organizer.

    17. Stop worrying about forgetting to shut off your appliances and get this handy set of auto-shutoff outlets.

    18. Rest assured that your plants are getting enough water by adding some garden globes.

    19. Enjoy a cup of lavender honey tea that's almost guaranteed to help no matter what's going on.

    20. Shake up this cactus snow globe and watching the relaxing glitter sandstorm that ensues.

    21. Get lost in a coloring book and forget your troubles (at least until one of your colored pencils breaks).

    22. Have the most relaxing bath ever while sipping on wine that you can keep ~right~ at arm's length using this caddy.

    23. Put your fidgeting hands to use and play with this clear putty that almost looks like glass.

    24. Take some time for yourself and get lost in an audiobook.

    25. Pretend you're Pusheen (who is a cat and therefore has way less problems to deal with) and wear this cute face mask.

    26. Squeeze one of these squishy animals and feel the stress leave your body.

    Deep breaths, okay?