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    28 Of The Cutest Things You Can Get At Target

    More like T-aww-rget. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. This set of rainbow paper plates for throwing the most precious BBQ ever.

    2. This very complimentary mug to start your mornings off right.

    3. These faux animal rugs that make taxidermy cute.

    4. These adorable party animals you're going to want to invite to all your shindigs.

    5. This color block frame that brings a touch of colorful Los Angeles style to your home.

    6. This faux taxidermy unicorn bust for filling out your imaginary trophy room.

    7. This heart-shaped ottoman that gives love seat a new meaning.

    8. This tasseled canopy for sleeping like royalty.

    9. This super excited flower vase set that will make you say YAY!

    10. These silky soft flamingo sheets for keeping things tropical inside while it gets cold outside.

    11. This smiling avocado dog toy that has no idea what's in store for it.

    12. This fuzzy onesie for escaping your problems by becoming a Carebear.

    13. This moon shower curtain that you'll never want to phase out.

    14. This doughnut makeup bag so your morning routine can look so much sweeter.

    15. These bars of soap that are cute as a button.

    16. This super happy sun pillow for adding a little natural light to the room.

    17. These little, tutu-wearing glasses that think they're ballerinas.

    18. These charming Mary Jane flats for looking like a glitzy, well-dressed doll.

    19. These googly eyed table runners that all your guests are going to peep at all night.

    20. This pack of Halloween-themed hair clips for looking so good it's scary.

    21. This transparent iPhone 6/7 case that tells it how it is.

    22. This Saturn coin purse for saving your change for a SpaceX ticket.

    23. These hedgehog salt and pepper shakers that will have your family saying "pass the salt" all dinner long.

    24. This friendly door mat to welcome you home every night.

    25. This pack of geometric animal socks for cute feet that like to party.

    26. This arrow-covered shower curtain that's a total bullseye.

    27. This vital book to teach you how to make your own knitted pals.

    28. This string of ice cream lights for a dairy-ing new light display.

    TFW you're finally back at Target.

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