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    30 Surprisingly Awesome Things You Can Get At Jet

    Scented duct tape, balloon-shaped food picks, a fondue machine, and so much more.

    1. An angelic BB cream to give you the dewy glow of a cherub.

    2. An ice pop mold that will make you look like you have a giant tongue, which is great for eating more ice pops.

    3. This metallic clutch you can count on to turn some heads.

    4. A SPF 50 foundation with a cushion for protecting night owls from the sun.

    5. A zebra rug-inspired catch-all dish designed by the one and only Jonathan Adler.

    6. A rabbit hutch that should actually be called a rabbit MANSION.

    7. A trio of flower hangers to get your personal garden off the ground, literally.

    8. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses to make you look like a heart-eyed emoji before you even put them on.

    9. A dozen food picks that turn any snack into a party.

    10. A palm reader jewelry stand for showing off all your good fortunes.

    11. A fondue machine so you can dip everything in your fridge into heavenly, perfect, liquid cheese.

    12. A pack of reusable flexi ties for keeping your wires organized and color-coded.

    13. A legit cotton candy machine to make all your little kid dreams come true.

    14. A portable game of checkers for challenging friends and family members on the go.

    15. A set of flying rice paper lanterns perfect for wishing on.

    16. This bear-y nice wine stopper for keeping wine just right.

    17. A quesadilla maker that will make you say "what CAN'T be a quesadilla???"

    18. A dozen plastic, ghostly cupcake toppers for a boo-tiful dessert table.

    19. A cheeseburger-shaped spatula that keeps your BBQ on theme.

    20. A brassy desk lamp for some contemporary illumination.

    21. A Himalayan salt lamp that promises a lot of new age health benefits, but if nothing else, is also just really pretty.

    22. An inflatable dinosaur suit you can use to startle your friends or make viral online videos.

    23. A set of 45 record coasters for thirsty, old-school music lovers.

    24. A puppy-shaped egg mold to help convince picky eaters that breakfast can be fun.

    25. A 34-foot long string of LED globe lights for getting the perfect ambience in your room.

    26. A pack of colorful flossers that make flossing slightly more bearable (but only slightly).

    27. A stern looking face to add to your tree so you can pretend to have long, deep conversation with a forest spirit, like in Pocahontas or The Legend of Zelda.

    28. A froggy faucet cover that will protect your baby from sharp edges and make bath time way more fun.

    29. A bamboo wind chime to add some soothing background noise to your way-too-silent backyard or garden.

    30. A roll of bubblegum pink duct tape that smells like, well, bubblegum.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.