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    29 Subscription Services You Didn't Even Know You Needed

    The mail carrier is about to be your best friend.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Candy Club might be the bane of your dentist's existence, but will be your favorite service of all time. Monthly candy shipments? Who are you, Willy Wonka?

    What you get: Each box comes with three containers of sweets plus some loose candy. They have a ton of options, making it a better choice than your grocery store's check-out aisle.

    Price: $29.99+/month

    2. Birchbox lets you sample lot of beauty products and gets you out of your comfort zone.

    What you get: First you take a quiz about your beauty profile, like your skin type, skin tone, preferences, and expectations. Then you can choose to have the box be a surprise or pick a pre-curated box so you can see exactly what you're getting ahead of time. Each box has five samples.

    Price: $10/month for Birchbox or Birchbox Man

    3. Carnivore Club sends you a box of fancy meats from artisans all over the world. What more could your growling stomach want?

    Carnivore Club

    What you get: Four to six cured meats from award-winning artisans. Each box spotlights a different meat seller. They're all sealed so you don't even need to refrigerate.

    Price: $55/box

    4. Piquant Post fills an extreme niche by sending you interesting and exotic spices each month.

    What you get: Four handcrafted spice blends and recipes to use the spices in.

    Price: $9.99+/month

    5. KitNipBox knows your cat is fickle, so they send you plenty of stuff that your finicky feline might like. Worst case scenario, you know they'll love the box at least.


    What you get: Depending on the plan, you get 5, 7, or 10 items. Expect fun toys, all-natural treats, catnip-stuffed goods, and more. More of a dog person? We tested all of 'em.

    Price: $19+/month

    6. Bouqs helps you live your best life by sending you a regular shipment of flowers, no doting partner needed.


    What you get: A fresh bouquet of flowers delivered on a regular schedule. You can skip a month or cancel at any time. All their farms practice sustainable farming and they only harvest what they sell to cut down on waste.

    Price: $36+/delivery

    7. Atlas Coffee Club sends you coffee from all over the world so you can feel like a jetsetter every morning from the comfort of your couch.

    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    See BuzzFeed's full review of this coffee subscription service.

    What you get: Ground or whole bean coffee in dark or light roast. It also comes with a postcard from whatever country the coffee hails from.

    Price: $9+/month

    8. YumeTwins is packed to the brim with incredibly adorable goodies from brands and franchises like Pokémon, Sanrio, and Studio Ghibli.


    What you get: Each box comes with things like plushies, stationery, pouches, wearables, and other practical goods. You're guaranteed to get at least one plushie and one stationary item in every box.

    Price: $31.50+/month

    9. Lunarly sends you a new box of treats evert lunar cycle to help with intention setting and self-care.


    What you get: An assortment of treasures like plants, candles, notebooks, bath bombs, and other meaningful keepsakes.

    Price: $40/month

    10. Loot Pin helps you up your accessory game by sending you one or two enamel pins each month.

    Loot Pin

    What you get: One or two pins a month, depending on your plan. The original plan has simple and classic looking pins while the premium plan has more complex designs. You can also get both for double the fun.

    Price: $7+/month

    11. Or Brat Box sends you both pins and patches for when you really want to deck out your jackets and tote bags.

    What you get: After picking a plan and theme, you can expect a box with curated pins and patches designed by talented artists.

    Price: $25+/month

    12. Introverts Retreat will offer the cozy haven you crave by providing you with everything you need, from jade rollers to hot cocoa.

    Introverts Retreat

    What you get: A collection of self-care items like bath bombs, candles, and sweets, PLUS a novel written by a female author.

    Price: $24.99+/month

    13. Box of Goth is made for anyone whose favorite color is black.

    Box of Goth

    What you get: At least six items dedicated to all things dark and spooky. At least one is handmade by the Box of Goth team. All items come in a coffin-shaped box sooOOOoo I'm sold.

    Price: £23/box

    14. Fuego Box brings the heat with a selection of delicious hot sauces every three months.


    What you get: A shipment of three hot sauces every three months. In total, you'll get 12 hot sauces by the end of the year.

    Price: $120

    15. Care/Of sends you personalized vitamins every month so you can feel good about your health even if you forgot to eat any vegetables today, or OK, this week.


    See BuzzFeed's full review of this vitamin subscription.

    What you get: Take a quiz and figure out what vitamins you should be taking each day. Then Care/Of sends them to you in a little pouch with your name on it. How cute is that?

    Price: $5+/month

    16. Adore Me helps you bring sexy back every month (not that it ever left) by sending you bras, underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear.

    What you do: A monthly selection of lingeries and underwear sent to your home. You try it on at home and keep what you like.

    Price: Items range between $39.95–$59.95. There is a $25 styling fee that goes toward your purchase, so you only have to pay it if you don't buy anything from the box. You get 25% off if you keep everything and returns are free.

    17. Frog Hollow Fruit of the Month Club saves you a trip to the farmer's market by sending fresh produce right to your door.


    What you get: Three deliveries over a three month period with three pounds of seasonal fruit.

    Price: $165

    18. Foodstirs sends you baking kits that are a total blast to get into with your kids.


    What you get: Each month has a different themed project. The kit comes with supplies and ingredients (cookie cutters, baking mix, food dye, etc.) so you can get baking as soon as you open the box. This month's kit includes everything you need to make monster marshmallow cookies with candy corn fangs.

    Price: $15.26+/month

    19. Frank & Oak wants to make you the trendier person you know without even trying.,

    Read BuzzFeed's full review of Frank & Oak.

    What you get: Answer a few questions and then have three pieces of clothing sent to you each month. They show you what you're getting ahead of time and you have 48 hours to edit your box. You can return anything you don't like for free, and everything is 20% off the original tag price.

    Price: There is a $25 styling fee that's applied as credit, so you only pay if you don't keep anything.

    20. Gacha Gacha sends you tiny toys (gachapon) normally found in Japanese vending machines, saving you a ton of money on airfare.

    Gacha Gacha

    What you get: Six gachapon capsules with adorable little toys and accessories inside. Often the figures are of recognizable characters like Pikachu, Gudetama, Kirby, or Vegeta.

    Price: $28/month

    21. Winc sends you a monthly shipment of affordable and delicious wine that is also just really pretty to look at!


    Read BuzzFeed's full review on this wine service.

    What you get: Take a quiz about your wine tastes and then get a bunch of recommendations on what to drink. You can also swap out bottles with anything from their catalog. Feel free to skip a month or cancel entirely whenever you want.

    Price: $13+/bottle

    22. Athena Club helps make that time of the month slightly less horrible by sending you all the tampons you need to get through another visit from Aunt Flo.

    Athena Club

    What you get: First pick between premium or organic tampons. Then decide how many and what size you want. Finally, pick a frequency for your deliveries. Then never worry about stocking up on tampons ever again!

    Price: $6.50+/month

    23. Dia & Co is a plus-size styling service that sends you five fab pieces of clothing to try.

    What you get: Fill out a survey about your style preference, shape, and budget, and you'll get five pieces of stylish clothing to try on at home. You can keep what you like and returns are free. If you buy everything, you get 25% off.

    Price: There is a $20 styling fee that's applied as credit to your purchase, so you only pay it if you don't keep anything.

    24. Hygge Box says it's "coziness and happiness delivered."

    Hygge Box

    What you get: Four to seven seasonal items inspired by the Danish lifestyle, hygge. Some examples of items include: candles, fairy lights, tea, hot cocoa, biscuits and mugs. Read more about hygge life.

    Price: $28+/month

    25. MeUndies provides you with comfortable and high-quality underwear so you can extend laundry day even further.


    What you get: One pair of super soft undies every month. Pick your style and theme to get started. Members have access to exclusive patterns and enjoy special pricing. You can skip or cancel the membership at any time.

    Price: $14+

    26. Coffee and a Classic sends you — you guessed it — coffee and a classic book.

    Coffee and a Classic

    What you get: A classic novel, a hot drink, two literary items, and a bookmark. You can decide if you want coffee, tea, or hot cocoa.

    Price: $28.99/month

    27. Causebox works exclusively with socially conscious brands so you can feel good about your monthly delivery.

    What you get: Aesthetically pleasing items like scarves, totes, beauty products, reed diffusers, and more. Each box has a $200+ value. Causebox says that all the items included are ethically and sustainably made. They wish to raise awareness to various causes and charitable concerns each season. Read more about it here.

    Price: $49.95/quarter

    28. Sock It To Me will keep your feet (and your sock shopping needs) totally covered.

    Sock It to Me

    What you get: Two pairs of really cool socks each month.

    Price: $18.33+/month

    29. EarFleek knows you can give any tired outfit an overhaul with the right pair of earrings.


    What you get: Earrings! You get one pair a month and shipping is free.

    Price: $3.49/month

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