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    29 Subscription Services You Didn't Even Know You Needed

    The mail carrier is about to be your best friend.

    1. Candy Club might be the bane of your dentist's existence, but will be your favorite service of all time. Monthly candy shipments? Who are you, Willy Wonka?

    2. Birchbox lets you sample lot of beauty products and gets you out of your comfort zone.

    3. Carnivore Club sends you a box of fancy meats from artisans all over the world. What more could your growling stomach want?

    4. Piquant Post fills an extreme niche by sending you interesting and exotic spices each month.

    5. KitNipBox knows your cat is fickle, so they send you plenty of stuff that your finicky feline might like. Worst case scenario, you know they'll love the box at least.

    6. Bouqs helps you live your best life by sending you a regular shipment of flowers, no doting partner needed.

    7. Atlas Coffee Club sends you coffee from all over the world so you can feel like a jetsetter every morning from the comfort of your couch.

    8. YumeTwins is packed to the brim with incredibly adorable goodies from brands and franchises like Pokémon, Sanrio, and Studio Ghibli.

    9. Lunarly sends you a new box of treats evert lunar cycle to help with intention setting and self-care.

    10. Loot Pin helps you up your accessory game by sending you one or two enamel pins each month.

    11. Or Brat Box sends you both pins and patches for when you really want to deck out your jackets and tote bags.

    12. Introverts Retreat will offer the cozy haven you crave by providing you with everything you need, from jade rollers to hot cocoa.

    13. Box of Goth is made for anyone whose favorite color is black.

    14. Fuego Box brings the heat with a selection of delicious hot sauces every three months.

    15. Care/Of sends you personalized vitamins every month so you can feel good about your health even if you forgot to eat any vegetables today, or OK, this week.

    16. Adore Me helps you bring sexy back every month (not that it ever left) by sending you bras, underwear, lingerie, and sleepwear.

    17. Frog Hollow Fruit of the Month Club saves you a trip to the farmer's market by sending fresh produce right to your door.

    18. Foodstirs sends you baking kits that are a total blast to get into with your kids.

    19. Frank & Oak wants to make you the trendier person you know without even trying.

    20. Gacha Gacha sends you tiny toys (gachapon) normally found in Japanese vending machines, saving you a ton of money on airfare.

    21. Winc sends you a monthly shipment of affordable and delicious wine that is also just really pretty to look at!

    22. Athena Club helps make that time of the month slightly less horrible by sending you all the tampons you need to get through another visit from Aunt Flo.

    23. Dia & Co is a plus-size styling service that sends you five fab pieces of clothing to try.

    24. Hygge Box says it's "coziness and happiness delivered."

    25. MeUndies provides you with comfortable and high-quality underwear so you can extend laundry day even further.

    26. Coffee and a Classic sends you — you guessed it — coffee and a classic book.

    27. Causebox works exclusively with socially conscious brands so you can feel good about your monthly delivery.

    28. Sock It To Me will keep your feet (and your sock shopping needs) totally covered.

    29. EarFleek knows you can give any tired outfit an overhaul with the right pair of earrings.

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