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    24 Stylish Things No One Will Believe You Got From Walmart

    "You got it WHERE?" —all your friends.

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    1. A embroidered peasant dress that will do in a stitch.

    2. A tropical Hawaiian shirt for making every day a vacation.

    3. A pair of joggers with slits in the knees for ~fashion.~ Don't wear these in front of any dads, because they *will* make a snippy comment about it.

    4. A patterned one-piece that will really ~mesh~ with your new summer look.

    5. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses you should pounce on while you still have the chance.

    6. A sheer top that will quickly become an outfit staple.

    7. A roomy patterned cardigan sure to keep you warm in your freezing office.

    8. A Peter Pan-collar skater dress for people who never want to grow up.

    9. A floral maxi dress you can swoosh in dramatically while reveling in all the money you saved.

    10. A sheer flamingo cover-up so you can chill at the beach bar after a day of swimming.

    11. A floral chiffon top everybudy is gonna love.

    12. A floral romper perfect for windy spring days when you don't feel like accidentally flashing people.

    13. A pastel pink purse big enough to keep some snacks in.

    14. A long-sleeve swimsuit for surfers and sun-fearing folk who need to protect their vulnerable shoulders.

    15. A cardigan with a cut-out skull design to show people you're cute but tough.

    16. A mermaid bikini because sometimes you have to be shellfish and treat yourself.

    17. A pair of jeggings for people who know leggings are pants, but would also like some pockets.

    18. A spaghetti-strap maxi dress to help make you look Instagram famous this summer.

    19. An off-the-shoulder top so your shoulders can finally get some sun again.

    20. A ruffled one-piece for being the star of the beach (you and all the starfish, of course).

    21. A flowy peasant dress you'll feel like royalty in.

    22. An insanely fancy, high-necked dress for formal occasions, or whenever you want to upstage an event.

    23. A floral blouse with ruffle sleeves so you can gesture dramatically when you tell people you got it at Walmart.

    24. And a V-neck pullover sweater for looking straight up fierce.

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