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    35 Things That Will Magically Give Your Home More Space

    So much more room for activities!

    1. A tea bag organizer so you can finally get rid of those bulky boxes.

    2. A cutting board and strainer hybrid that will take up so much less space than your colander.

    3. Packing cubes to keep your clothes compact and flat, so you can stuff even *more* clothes in your suitcase without getting everything wrinkly.

    4. An expanding file folder you can fill with up to 200 pieces of paper and free up soo much desk space.

    5. A tufted ottoman with pockets for your shoes that's about to be your feet's best friend.

    6. Cord organizers you can stick to your wall because it's 2018 and it's time for your floor to go wireless.

    7. An stackable shelf to help you utilize more space in your cabinets.

    8. A hanging bed caddy that tucks unto your bed frame and takes up way less space than a nightstand.

    9. A car seat storage bag so everything you need is in one place instead of rolling around under the seats. Your passengers will finally have leg room AND a cold drink, because this thing has an insulated cooler pocket.

    10. A pack of super-strong magnets to secure to the top of your fridge so all your beers can be cold ones.

    11. A mop and broom holder that keeps your cleaning tools on the wall so you can stop tripping over them in your hallway.

    12. A hanging set of rainbow folders to give you some filing cabinet space and give your cubicle a pop of color.

    13. An end table with a secret compartment sure to free up some much needed coffee table space for your impressive Instagram dog book collection.

    14. A shower shelf for the corner of your bathroom or shower, because every nook and cranny needs to be utilized in small spaces.

    15. An adjustable hanging rod that hangs onto the one in your closet so you can double your closet space.

    16. USB bed lifts to give you some extra under-bed storage plus extra outlets so you don't have to clutter your space with extension cords.

    17. Rainbow nesting storage containers that will make a hue-ge difference in your cabinet space. No more free-floating containers and mysterious lids!

    18. A towel rack and shelf combo so you can make the most of your bathroom or kitchen wall space.

    19. A wire pan holder to bring order to your chaotic cabinet.

    20. An over-the-toilet storage unit so you can finally have enough space to fit your jumbo pack of toilet paper from Costco.

    21. A set of rainbow drawers you can wheel out of the room whenever you need more space.

    22. A futon with drawers on the bottom so you can basically have another end table without losing any floor space.

    23. An over-the-cabinet-door holder so you can fit even more cooking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat kitchen items in your kitchen.

    24. A rotating beauty organizer that neatly organizes all your skincare products, makeup, brushes, and knick-knacks so you can finally see the top of your dresser again.

    25. A corner shelf to help with drawer and cabinet overflow. Your kitchen items can now be trendy decor!

    26. A hanging lamp that won't take up any floor space, plus they just look really fancy.

    27. A bed frame that flips up Murphy bed-style to reveal some secret storage space. It's a tidy alternative to just shoving everything under your bed.

    28. A hanging shoe organizer so you can get your shoe(s) on the door.

    29. A metal shelf with a built-in drawer for stacking your items without losing them forever to the black hole in the back of your cabinet.

    30. A hanging closet organizer to neatly stow items like purses, scarves, ties, and other odds and ends that might be cluttering your bedroom.

    31. A magnetic ironing pad so you can iron right on your washing machine and avoid investing in a bulky ironing board.

    32. A cabinet bed that folds neatly and saves a ton of space when you don't have guests over.

    33. A thin knife block so you can feel like a fancy adult even if you don't have the fancy adult-sized counter space.

    34. A sectional couch with a secret storage space so you can hide all your junk at a moment's notice when your guests are early and there's no time to clean.

    35. A water table that clips onto the bathtub so your little one can have extra room to play with their toys without expanding their bath to the whole room.

    It's making my head spin how many activities you could do.