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    39 Stocking Stuffers Both Kids And Adults Will Love

    Small delights to excite all ages.

    Still shopping for Christmas? Heads up that most of the items in this post won't arrive in time for Dec. 25, but check out our last-minute version of this gift guide with more ideas that are more likely to arrive in time!

    1. An Elf Snowball Showdown card game everyone can enjoy, even if there's no snow on the ground. "Throw" a set of like-colored snowball cards at your opponents and prepare for return fire. The last elf standing wins!

    cards with festive designs

    2. A small sphere light they'll be over the moon for.

    3. A pack of sheet masks with cute animal faces so their spa day can get a little wild.

    4. A tiny felt book ornament for voracious readers who know adding more books of any size immediately ups the home's coziness level.

    felt books

    5. A tiny tin with huge fun inside — a puzzle game called Iota.

    small tin that says iota

    6. Cookie house buddies and reindeer skewers to turn their mug into a winter wonderland.

    7. Goldfish soap you can actually buy instead of winning at a carnival.

    two soaps in bags with plastic goldfish inside

    8. A set of bento box forks to make bringing lunch to school or work feel fun. They'll open their food and be like, "check meowt!"

    double pronged toothpick shaped like cats and dogs

    9. A set of coloring pencils with little seed pods on the other side, so they can be planted once the graphite runs out.

    pencils on top of coloring book

    10. A little dollop of a kitten light that they can tap to turn on or off.

    squishy cat light

    11. A deck of playing cards with a gorgeous rainbow gradient for playing anything from crazy eights to poker.

    solid color cards that come together to make a rainbow

    12. A tin of shimmery putty sure to capture the attention of anyone, any age.

    hands pull apart slime putty with green and purple sheen

    13. A pack of round cat magnets purrfect for fridges and lockers.

    waving round cat magnets

    14. A three-pack of modeling dough from The Dough Project made with plant-based ingredients like organic wheat flour, sea salt, beets, chlorophyll, purple carrots, and more. The packaging is cute, the dough is easy to mold into shapes, and some shipments come with cool stickers — win-win-win!

    15. Tiny hands to turn any mundane task into something hilarious.

    16. A set of macaron containers for a sweet way to hold tiny treasures.

    17. A creative bookmark that looks like the Wicked Witch of the East got smushed in between some pages, because everyone needs some encouragement to read.

    wicked witch of the east legs sticking out of book

    18. A mini Jenga kit for quick games on the go.

    small wooden jenga game

    19. A book of 642 tiny things to draw sure to inspire them to get out there and practice doodling.

    small book that says 642 tiny things to draw being held between forefinger and thumb to show small size

    20. A six-pack of little animal planters perfect for both veteran gardeners and children who are just learning about planting seeds.

    pots shaped like a panda, penguin, tiger, elephant, koala, and crocodile

    21. A punny 2022 desk calendar for adults who want a little mirth to start the day or for older kids who are just getting into wordplay.

    desk calendar that says "i bought my son a fridge for christmas. i can't wait to see his face light up when he opens it"

    22. A planet bath bomb–making kit for baths that are out of this world.

    23. An unreasonable number of satin scrunchies so you can shower your loved one with fun, gentle hair accessories — or break 'em up and put in multiple stockings!

    reviewer wears a scrunchie and gives thumbs up to pile of scrunchies

    24. A honey bear pin to give to the sweetest person you know.

    honey bear that says beary sweet

    25. A Christmas-themed pen so they can write down all their favorite gifts. #1? These pens, of course.

    reindeer, christmas tree, and santa pens

    26. And a tiny desk crab to hold up their favorite pen.

    tiny crabs with claws raised up

    27. A sweet lil' Groot ready to hang out. They can attach this Guardian to anything from a stethoscope to a houseplant stem.

    baby groot holds onto antenna

    28. A pair of gigantic peanut butter cups because the traditional size is way too wimpy, IMO.

    model holds jumbo peanut butter cup that's as large as their palm
    The Grommet

    Get a pair from The Grommet for $11 (available in six flavors).

    Plan on placing your order by December 13th if you want to use Ground shipping with delivery on or before December 24th.

    29. A Shrek toothpaste cap to make all their TikTok dreams (or nightmares?) come true.

    30. Silicone paw print joystick caps to keep their thumbs happy during extended playing. Also they're so undeniably cute, how could anyone not want 'em?

    controllers with paw print shaped caps

    31. A bottle of ferrofluid to make spiky designs that move and change with just a magnet.

    model uses magnets to make black liquid in glass bottle spiky

    32. A pair of resin gummy bear Croc charms so they can properly decorate their Crocs in the sweetest way possible.

    Croc covered in gummy bears

    33. A screaming goat figurine to really help them express themselves. One press of the button releases a cathartic "AAAHHHHHHHH!"

    The goat figurine, plus the box it comes in and the booklet

    34. A Baby Yoda mug they can enjoy all sorts of drinks out of while watching the latest episode of The Mandalorian.

    The green handle-less mug shaped like The Child

    35. A purrfectly adorable spoon to add some whimsy to their tea-drinking time.

    spoons with car shaped handles with arms that hook over side of mug

    36. A bath bomb with a surprise squishy friend inside! Bath time is suddenly gonna be really fun.

    bath bomb with squishy animals

    37. A cupcake straw charm to add a sweet twist to any beverage, even if it's just water.

    small cupcake with straw through it

    38. A book tracker bookmark they can fill out every time they finish a new book. It's so encouraging to be able to actually see progress! 

    a person holding the bookmark
    British Book Art / Etsy

    British Book Art is based in the UK.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love my bookmark! So, so cute! Already made a start coloring in the books and writing the names on the spines!" —Chloe

    Get it from British Book Art on Etsy for $3.57.

    Ships in 1-4 days. 

    39. A set of LED lightsaber chopsticks to make fights over the last dumpling extra dramatic.

    dueling glowing lightsaber chopsticks over a bowl of rice

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