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37 Products You'll Love If You're A Complete And Total Weirdo

In a good way, of course.

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1. A beady-eyed bank who'll eat all your spare change.


3. A magical coloring book filled with flatulent animals.

6. An extremely helpful guide for making crafts with your cat's leftover hair, since there seems to be an endless supply of it.


10. A set of chewed-gum magnets that work just as well as the real thing.

12. A set of mini hands for your fingers so you can always lend a hand.


14. An adorable pair of blobfish slippers you might be more inclined to snuggle than the real slimeballs they're based on.

16. Creepy spins on garden gnomes, so the rest of your lawn ornaments know to stay in line.,

Your pink flamingos are never going to act up again.

Get the zombie for $59.89 or the butcher for $18.99 on Amazon.


18. A French fry purse you can hold your actual fries in.

20. A fish pouch perfect for keeping your belongings handy.

22. A sushi bazooka for blasting everyone away with your amazing food skills.


24. A classy poop emoji shirt so you can be subtly weird but still hold down an office job.

26. A bow tie collar so you can go on a romantic dinner date with your dog.

28. An entire calendar dedicated to everyone's favorite topic: goats in trees.

30. A set of barrettes with little sprouts on them so you can pretend to be a little forest nymph.

32. A pizza nightlight so you can have sweet, cheesey dreams.

It works as a friendly reminder to monsters that there are other food options besides children.

Get it on Amazon for $12.95.

33. A scary Halloween mask for taking a cute, wholesome animal and making it TERRIFYING.

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