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    37 Products You'll Love If You're A Complete And Total Weirdo

    In a good way, of course. (Updated on March 5, 2018.)

    1. A beady-eyed bank who'll eat all your spare change.

    2. A crying unicorn candle holder for some pretty (but macabre) ambience.

    3. A magical coloring book filled with flatulent animals.

    4. A corgi butt to keep all your change in.

    5. A Jeff Goldblum shower curtain so you'll always have someone watching you as you bathe.

    6. An extremely helpful guide for making crafts with your cat's leftover hair, since there seems to be an endless supply of it.

    7. A plush stomach because you can't hug your own.

    8. A toilet mug that requires a very strong stomach if you plan on drinking coffee out of it.

    9. A wall decal featuring a stock photo model using her inhaler.

    10. A set of chewed-gum magnets that work just as well as the real thing.

    11. A set of specimen coasters showing the brain cut into sections.

    12. A set of mini hands for your fingers so you can always lend a hand.

    13. A delicate ring with an actual tooth in it.

    14. An adorable blobfish plushie you might be more inclined to snuggle than the real slimeball it's based on.

    15. An eyeball ring that gives off some serious Clockwork Orange vibes.

    16. Creepy spins on garden gnomes, so the rest of your lawn ornaments know to stay in line.

    17. A horse pillow case for willingly re-creating the iconic Godfather scene every morning.

    18. A French fry purse you can hold your actual fries in.

    19. Gigantic pairs of googly eyes so you can turn your furniture into friends, Pee-wee Herman style.

    20. A fish pouch perfect for keeping your belongings handy.

    21. An eggy stress ball that pukes goo when you squeeze it.

    22. A sushi bazooka for blasting everyone away with your amazing food skills.

    23. A nose-shaped pencil sharpener because your actual nose won't sharpen anything.

    24. A classy poop emoji shirt so you can be subtly weird but still hold down an office job.

    25. A container of unicorn snot for rubbing glittery boogers all over your body.

    26. A bow tie collar so you can go on a romantic dinner date with your dog.

    27. A collection of dog butt magnets for proudly displaying on your fridge, locker, or fire hydrant.

    28. An entire calendar dedicated to everyone's favorite topic: goats in trees.

    29. A guillotine necklace for French revolutionaries.

    30. A set of barrettes with little sprouts on them so you can pretend to be a little forest nymph.

    31. A throw pillow that looks like a fillet of raw fish to make up for all those times you wanted to crawl behind the seafood counter and take a nap.

    32. A pizza nightlight so you can have sweet, cheesey dreams.

    33. A scary Halloween mask for taking a cute, wholesome animal and making it TERRIFYING.

    34. A tortilla blanket that will let you achieve your dreams of becoming a gigantic burrito.

    35. A tube of pickle lip balm for the sensation of kissing a pickle.

    36. A kitchen steamer that looks like a pig puddle.

    37. And a stuffed giant isopod for people who love falling asleep next to a creepy, crawly sea bug.

    Stay weird, my friends.

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