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33 Snuggly Sweaters To Get Lost In All Winter

Bye! *slides into the folds of my sweater to hibernate until spring*

1. An oversized option with cool flames to make even Guy Fieri jealous.

large sweater with purple flames on bottom and sleeves

2. An oversized colorblock cardigan to wear over pretty much any outfit — layering is so important this season.

reviewer wears long cardigan with three colors blocks

3. A pullover with nice sleeves that look like they could swallow your hands whole. Keep those things warm!

knit sweater

4. A striped knit sweater proving that a gradient color scheme looks great-ient!

reviewer wears orange to blue gradient striped sweater

5. A crop sweater with a tie-back you do ~knot~ want to miss out on.

6. A long leopard cardi for when you're feline like mixing up your style.

model wears cardigan with oversized leopard print

7. A pom-pom pullover sweater that's so cute, even puppies will be envious when they see it.

8. A lovely green cardigan to ensure no one will be pinching you this upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

cropped cardigan

9. A striped, long cardigan that would look really cute paired with a cup of hot apple cider, just saying.

model wears long white cardi with thin black stripes

10. An open-back sweater wrapped with a bow in case you wanna get yourself a present. When you wear it...maybe you'll be the present?

11. A leopard-print sweater you should pounce on while you still can.

long olive sweater with black leopard print

12. A snuggly pullover sweater you can slip deeper into when you wanna catch some ZZZs during a Monday Zoom meeting undetected.

13. A pullover sweater with a different type of leopard print.

14. A big ol' striped sweater, because the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.

oversized striped sweater with green and white stripes

15. A oversized open-front sweater that looks so cozy, I almost fell asleep just thinking about it. Somebody put me in this and plop me next to a campfire ASAP.

a model in an oversized green cardigan

16. A turtleneck pullover with colorblock sleeves that, tbh, make me squeal! They're just too cute!

17. A contrast cardigan for people who love bold colors and statements.

white sweater with red and green lines around the edges

18. A casual knit sweater so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve.

19. A rainbow cardigan to help fight off the cold weather blues.

model wears rainbow cardigan

20. A slouchy pullover sweater that's still lightweight, so you can wear it even when the apartment's heat is blasting.

model wears oversized sweater with loose knit

21. A speckled number for anyone looking to add more whipped cream-inspired pieces to their look.

a model in a cream colored sweater with speckles on it

22. A sweater and pencil skirt set because the monochrome look is in right now and oh-so easy.

reviewer wearing the ribbed pencil skirt and crewneck sweater in bright yellow

23. A houndstooth sweater vest for layering pros looking for some chic math professor vibes.

24. An off-shoulder sweater that says, "yes, I am the president of fall, thank you for asking."

Reviewer is wearing a brown sweater and denim jeans

25. A unique sweater for anyone looking for more wow-worthy statement pieces in their wardrobe.

a model in a mint green sweater with abstract green designs on it

26. A cozy cable-knit two-piece set because why wear one sweater when you can basically wear two? Legs likes sweaters too!

27. A turtleneck shrug set when you wanna be a little cozy and a little "Santa Baby"-level sexy.

long sleeve shrug over a cami to create a peek a boo window for chest

28. A short cardigan with the perfect amount of slouch. Pair with your best tank or bralette for maximum cuteness.

reviewer wearing the slouchy gray cardigan

29. An alarmingly precious crewneck with pink and purple stripes to help you achieve the "cotton candy chic" look.

pink and purple striped sweater

30. A batwing option with cutout shoulders in case you wanna keep showing those things off, long after tank top weather.

31. A waffle knit cardigan with a matching cami for a look that's sweeter than syrup.

chunky cardigan with matching cropped cami

32. A wavvy swirl of colors you're gonna want handy to combat the drab cold weather that's coming our way.

sweater with blue and red swirls

33. A batwing-sleeve sweater that looks just as good next to a pumpkin as it does a nicely wrapped gift or painted egg. In other words? It's good 'til summer.

Reviewer is wearing a light grey sweater with black leggings while holding a pumpkin

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