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    27 "Shark Tank" Products You’ll Definitely Want Even If You Missed The Episode

    Whether or not they got the deal, these products are worth checking out.

    1. A Blueland cleaning kit with everything you need to tackle your less-than-sparkling-clean home.

    a box with four large glass spray bottles and one smaller spray bottle for hand soap

    2. A variety pack of Doughp cookie dough. It's made with heat-treated flour and no eggs, so you can eat it raw or bake it, with equally delicious results.

    pints of cookie dough next to baked cookies

    3. A pretty jigsaw puzzle featuring a nice oasis scene sure to soothe you while you slowly assemble it.

    4. A dragon plush kit to encourage kids to use their creativity and dream big. The set comes with the plush toy, board book, affirmation cards, and downloadable content like coloring pages and activity sheets, all with the aim to connect your kiddo with their creative side.

    children hugging plush dragons and reading a book

    5. A set of seat gap fillers to prevent things from tumbling down into what scientists have called the Black Hole of Vehicles.

    seat gap filler with hole for seatbelt buckle to fit through

    6. A fancy Vietnamese coffee pour-over set so you can enjoy tasty brew on the go. It comes in fun flavors like lavender, vanilla, mint, and — hello — pumpkin spice latte, so you're sure to find one that fits your taste.

    7. Biodegradable Pooch Paper sheets to help plastic-haters lift up dog poop with ease. It has grease-resistant coating made from corn to ensure your hands stay clean.

    hand picks up poop with paper

    8. A pair of weighted Bala Bangles to add a little resistance to your workout or everyday routine. Passive exercise? My favorite.

    9. A beloved sports bra boasting over 15,000 5-star reviews celebrating the great fit that works for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

    10. Seriously delicious frozen margherita pizza from the legendary Brooklyn restaurant Table 87. Living in another state shouldn't stop you from enjoying a classic New York slice.

    a slice of pizza with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil

    11. InstaFire that'll be a super simple way to start a campfire anywhere. They're light and can be set down on any surface when you're ready for a fire, so they're ideal for camping.

    12. A Sleep Pod Move for anyone who wants to be gently squeezed to sleep. These particular model has a flap so you can tuck your feet in or let them breathe as you get up for a glass of water.

    13. A variety pack of cheese balls that are baked instead of fried, making them a better option than the Chester Cheetah-sponsored version.

    bowls of cheese balls

    14. A Pluto Pillow personalized to your exact needs so you can say goodbye to neck pain and hello to blissful sleep.

    15. Aura Bora seltzer that comes in fancy flavors like lavender cumber, basil berry, and cactus rose for people who have burned through all the traditional flavors and are looking for something new.

    can of lavender cucumber seltzer with illustration of sloth and cucumbers

    16. A subscription to BootayBag, a service that mails you new undies each month so you keep your underwear drawer fresh. Now you can really stretch the time between your laundry days.

    lace thong and striped briefs

    17. Fur Oil ready to tackle ingrown hairs, irritation, and dry skin. Apply this hydrating, nongreasy oil anywhere you have hair, like your underarms, legs, chest, and face (just avoid your eyes).

    round bottle of yellow oil

    18. A suction tool to help relieve the itchy agony of bug bites by sucking out insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under your skin. Finally, you can go outside after dark again!

    left: my arm with elevated bump, middle: the suction tool, right: the bump is lowered

    19. Pretty matte pacifiers that are not just for looks — they come with a built-in case for easy storage.

    20. A BrilliantPad that's basically like a pee pad from an episode of The Jetsons. It'll clean up your dog's messes before you even smell them.

    dog sits on paper on electric pad

    21. An EZPZ food mat to thwart your child's attempts to toss the whole plate of food on the ground. It uses the power of suction to stay put so your kid has no choice but to try the peas.

    top down look at oval silicone mat with walled sections for food on a baby's high chair

    22. Frozen Brazi Bites, aka pão de queijo, a beloved Brazilian snack for anyone who lights up at the words "cheese" and "bread." These doughy balls of cheesy delight are easy to make and even easier to devour.

    balls of cheese bread

    23. A silicone dog tag that doesn't jingle or clang into food bowls, making it the ideal choice for nervous pups or humans who enjoy peace and quiet.

    blue bone shaped tag

    24. A hand-sewn, personalized plush doll based on your photo that can even come with a voice recording in case you wanna send a special message.

    A plush doll of BuzzFeed Editor Mal Mower next to a picture of Mal wearing the same outfit as the doll

    25. A cute lacy bra with a line of bees around the elastic band (cute 🥺) and fun patterned lining on the inside of each cup.

    green lace bralette with bees on the bottom elastic

    26. A Rapid Ramen Cooker that'll make it easier than ever to enjoy some microwaved noodles.

    the cooker with ramen ingredients in it

    27. A Stasher reusable silicone bag that's airtight, dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and sturdy as heck, making it the perfect replacement for disposable plastic bags.

    person holding the bag with asparagus in it pouring olive oil into the bag

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