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23 School Supplies For People Who Pretty Much Live In The Library

*quietly* rejoice over these amazing supplies.

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2. Train to be a librarian using this personal library kit and finally take over the place.,

This is the best way to make sure you actually get your books back after you lend them out.

Get it on Walmart for $10.78.


6. Take things literally with bookbags that actually look like giant books.


9. Easily find your place even if you stop mid-page thanks to this pointing bookmark.

Getting interrupted while reading is going to happen sometimes so you better be prepared.

Get it on Amazon for $5.99.

10. Record your epic adventures in a Hobbit-themed Moleskine.


12. Keep all your spell scrolls organized in this Harry Potter knapsack.

15. Get inspired with a Jane-a-Day five-year journal.,

Promising review: "If you, like me, are a terribly undisciplined writer and have been working through your pathetic attempt at a 'daily journal' for the past 10 years, then this is the journal for you! The short line format makes keeping some kind of daily record feasible." —Kindle Customer

Get it on Amazon for $3.80+ (available in hard and soft cover).


17. Hide your food in a book-shaped lunchbox to ward off potential food thieves.