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    Take Advantage Of This Rosetta Stone Sale And Get Your Loved One The Gift Of Language

    Get up to 45% off a subscription.

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    You know what I hear a lot? People saying they wish they spoke more languages.

    Being able to speak another language means you can communicate with more people and travel around other countries with ease. It's also just a fun thing to learn!

    But learning a new language can be really hard. Even for the three-time winner of Tom Landry Middle School's Substitute Teacher of the Year award.


    (She meant to say judge in Spanish.)

    Luckily, Rosetta Stone has 25 different super simple language courses to choose from, and everything happens to be ON SALE RIGHT NOW! I'm talking up to 45% off!

    Here is the breakdown:

    Get a 3-month subscription of one language for $35.97 (not a sale, just a good deal);

    a 12-month subscription with unlimited languages for over 45% off, now $95.88 (originally $170);

    a 24-month subscription with unlimited languages for over 40% off, now $143.76 (originally $249);

    or a Lifetime Subscription with unlimited languages for $100 off, now $199 (originally $299).

    This is a great gift for pretty much any occasion, whether it's a birthday present, anniversary gift, or random surprise. You can gift your wanderlust-driven friend some classes, oooorrr you can take some classes and surprise someone who has a different native language than you.

    Just imagine their surprise when you start speaking their native tongue! The first phrase I'd learn? "Anything for you." ;)

    You might be thinking, "is having to the relive the horrors of French 101 really a good gift?" Well, let me tell you, this isn't going to be like high school. Rosetta Stone tries to make learning a new language as low-effort and fun as possible by teaching with a time-tested and proven immersion method.

    Immersion works with your brain by mirroring its natural language-learning ability. Every student is different, but most can learn the basics of a language with even just an hour a day for a little over a month.

    A subscription comes with lots of useful features to help students learn quickly and efficiently. On top of courses, there's an app with a phrasebook and ~Seek and Speak~, which turns everyday objects into conversation practice with scavenger-hunt style challenges.

    Rosetta Stone

    There's also TruAccent that uses a speech recognition engine to help perfect the accent, and an audio companion that lets students listen to their lessons if they need a break from the screen.

    So what's the coursework like, you ask? Each course has several levels with four units each; each unit features core lessons that tackle the basics of the language. In between units, there will be activities to help practice what was learned so far.

    Rosetta Stone

    Lessons can take 5–30 minutes. Most people take roughly 40–50 hours to work through each level and each language has about 250 hours of content total.

    A subscription works on both a desktop/laptop and phone/tablet apps so a student can swap between devices to fit their schedule. If they start on their laptop in the morning and want to switch to their phone for their commute into work, the program will remember their place in the lesson.

    There are 25 different languages to choose, so opting for an unlimited language package might be the right move.

    They include: French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Spain's Spanish, American English, British English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

    Check out Rosetta Stone's various package plans and pick the right one for you or a loved one! Plans with the discount included start at only $35.97 for three months, instead of the regular $79 (that's up to 45% off!) so now is the time to buy.

    Rosetta Stone

    Never feel like this while learning again:


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