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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

31 Random Products Under $10 You'll Probably Want To Gift Yourself

Little presents from you to you.

1. Compressed cellulose sponges in cute smiley and flower shapes offering a gentle clean for your most delicate dishes. They're biodegradable so you can compost them when it's their time. 

flat smiley face sponges
reviewer uses one of the sponges (now thick with water) on a pan

Promising review: "Whenever I washed my plastic salad bowl, I had a hard time cleaning grease. Stubborn salad dressing was so hard to clean perfectly. I thought I didn't use strong enough detergent or scrub, but my mom told me a real reason. Soft materials such as plastic, acrylic dishes, or bowls need soft scrubs!! What?? So I bought this one. It wipes literally every surface without much effort! Finally, I found out the reason why my plastic containers have lots of scratches! My bowls and containers are so nice and clean now. I am satisfied with my purchase! Love it!" —Jenny Cho

Get it from Amazon for $1.83 each (or a six-pack for $10.99). 

2. A Pet House room-freshening spray or candle for your beloved but oh-so stinky pets. Replace that smelly cat reek with something more appealing, like fresh citrus or sun-washed cotton.

the spray

3. A beechwood board to help you make fresh gnocchi right at home. The handy device adds ridges to your dough, optimizing the amount of sauce each piece holds.

the gnocchi board

4. A Bestool detangler brush reviewers say is perfect for 3a to 4c hair. It's designed with eight flexible combs that turn detangling wet or dry hair into a pain-free process.

Reviewer's picture with frizzy curls and then defined curls

5. A mini cross-stitch kit for Nightmare Before Christmas fans looking to get crafty. It includes everything you need to start on one of four designs: three pieces of cotton cloth, an embroidery hoop, embroidery thread, and a tiny 32-page book with instructions.

the cross stitch kit

6. Miracle-Gro leaf shine to bring some luster back to your dusty houseplants. Just spritz on your leaves, and let it work its magic.

7. A four-sided brush cleaner for those finicky suede booties. This can address scuff marks and salt stains that you might have previously thought were unfixable. As someone with boots like this before picture, I'm realizing I need this!

8. A set of colorful cable protectors to prevent your — TBQH, overpriced — cords from fraying. They also look way better than duct tape.

9. A silicone-free L’Oreal lamellar treatment ready to inject some serious shine into your hair. This banishes dullness in seconds, leaving you with a lustrous, bouncy 'do without weighing it down.

brown bottle with the text
to the left, an image of brown hair with the text / Via @lorealparis, / Via @lorealparis

Apply this directly to wet hair avoiding the roots, massage it in for eight seconds, then rinse.

Promising review: "This is an amazing product for my curly hair that gets frizzy in the Florida heat. I have used tons of conditioners and other products that usually left my fine hair weighted down but had little effect on the frizz. I saw an immediate difference with the first use and have already ordered my second bottle so I don’t run out. Since my hair is chin-length and thin, I use less than the recommended amount. I’ve left it on overnight for deep conditioning and love the feel and texture." —Gail Stadnick

Get it from Amazon for $8.97.

10. A bear-y nice under-eye stick that'll help soothe puffiness and dark circles. If a beauty item isn't shaped like an animal, is it even worth getting?

polar bear balm
reviewer shows before and after of under eye bags looking lighter and less swollen

Promising review: "Saw this in a BuzzFeed article and was intrigued. The blurb was interesting and the reviews were correct: this helps my tired eyes with just a swipe under each eye. My puffy eyes aren't so puffy and my face feels less tense. I keep it in the refrigerator, too, which adds to the cooling effect. I also swipe it over my eyelids, which relaxed me before bed. Will definitely purchase again." —S. B.

Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

11. A drain cover so you can fill your tub all the way to the tippy top. You need all the water you can get if you want a cartoonishly overflowing bathtub!

plastic cover over drain

Promising review: "I would die without a good bath. It's an absolute must. We just moved into a new home and the bathtubs are *SO* shallow. My soul was slowly being ripped to pieces while soaking in a measly 7 inches of water. Devastating! It will be a while until we can afford to remodel the bathrooms, so I needed to find an alternative solution before I cracked. This product seriously improved the quality of my life. It's a softer, malleable plastic than I originally thought, but convenient for different shaped tubs since it will mold easier. All I have to do to turn my nightmare tub into a dream was to run the suction cups under the faucet and snap the suction cups into place over the bath drain. It was so easy! I got an instant 5 inches more of water!! For $8?! I think yes!!! Crowds applauded and cried, it was beautiful. In all seriousness, I'm pretty impressed and happy this worked out so well. I saw a few reviewers had issues with the suction cups not sticking, and I'm not sure why. I have a standard porcelain-enameled cast iron tub, and have no issues (it is so easy). One person wrote they had issues with mold in their drain cover, so that is why I remove and hang it up after each bath to dry it thoroughly. Good luck fellow Bathians! I hope this review helps!" —Rachael

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (available in nine colors).

12. A shampoo scalp brush ready to blast away dead skin, dirt, and build-up, all while giving you a nice, relaxing head massage. 

BuzzFeed editor holding pink scalp massager with silicone bristles
Editor showing other side where there's a gripper for fingers
Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

Here's what BuzzFeed writer Emma Lord has to say about it:

"I recently started using one of these, and WOWZA, it really helps you get extra mileage out of your shampoo. I have a whole lot of hair on my head, so sometimes it's a struggle to feel that I've soaped up my whole scalp thoroughly, but this was a very effective way to spread out the suds and really get them to the roots. I was worried it might tangle in my hair, but it was totally fine on that front too. I've noticed that my hair has been a little less greasy at the roots since I started using it. And I'm echoing a ton of reviewers here when I say it just feels reeeeeally, really nice."

Promising review: "I’ve suffered from dry skin and a dry scalp ever since I turned 30. The only thing that helps me is exfoliating. I was initially concerned that the product would be too rough and damage my sensitive scalp, or too soft and ineffective. However, this brush is perfect for me. It does not tangle my long hair, and it is easy to use and just firm enough to get the job done. My scalp no longer itches, and the icky buildup is gone. I can’t believe something so affordable has made such a difference in the health of my scalp. I’ve used expensive shampoos and conditioners to no end, with barely a difference. I wish I'd discovered this product much sooner!" —AH

Get it from Amazon for $6.98+ (available in three colors).

13. A REALLY cute hanging diffuser that'll make your car feel like a fancy spa. Or, if you get the Beach Day scent, a prime spot in the sand.

hand holds small glass container with rope around the rear view mirror

Get it from AmberandWoodCo on Etsy for $9 (available in 20 scents).

14. Leaf-shaped plant clips to help guide you and your vining friends around your home. 

leaf-shaped clip on wall holding pothos stem

Promising review: "We have a beautiful plant that is just growing so long and my husband was using thumb tacks, UGH. I came across this product and now it looks so much prettier." —Maria Salazar

Get a pack of 40 from Amazon for $9.99.

15. A mini claw machine that won't eat all your quarters in one go. While this isn't a good fit for young children (choking hazard), some adults use it as an elaborate pill holder!

mini claw toy with mini dinosaurs

Promising review: "Impulse buy after laughing hysterically at the video of this going around on TikTok. This thing is cute and fun and very entertaining! Be forewarned: The clear top dome part does not attach firmly." —Szibarita

Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in six colors). 

16. A Cat Dancer toy you can waggle in front of your feline whenever you wanna give them a proper workout.

17. A Saucemoto dip clip so you can keep your favorite sauces close and ready for nugget dunking. 

sauce dip clip
reviewer dipping waffle fry in sauce being held by clip

Promising review: "How did I go so long without one of these??? The Saucemoto was my first 'TikTok Made Me Buy It' purchase, and I have no regrets. It clips easily to my car's vent, and the sauce cups clip in easily so I can dip and drive. No more trying not to dump the sauce by accident while steering with the same hand that's holding the dip cup. It even comes with a dip cup for those places that do the pouches for their sauces rather than the cups. (I'm looking at you, Arby's.) Ya know, you end up squeezing the sauce onto the wrapper that's balanced on your lap, and you end up getting some sauce on your steering wheel. OR you try the whole 'wrapper and sauce on the passenger seat and try to dip while watching the road,' which usually doesn't turn out so great." —Pleasure Pamela

Get a set of two from Amazon for $9.99 (available in three colors).

18. A purrfectly adorable spoon to add some whimsy to your tea-drinking time.

two of the spoons leaning on a plate

Promising review: "I love my new coffee stirring spoons. I didn't realize How TINY they are. They are smaller than my tea spoons. But they still are worth having and I love how it sits comfortably on my mug and I don't have to worry about the spoon falling it not my coffee to be fished out." —Gidget007

Get it from Amazon for $3.59.

19. A