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    24 Rainbow Items To Add Some Color To Your Life

    ♪ Somewheeeeereeee over these rainbow products, skies are blue. ♪

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A colorful headband sure to make a hue-ge impact on your outfit.

    2. A set of sheets that will instantly transport you to Cloud 9.

    3. A knit cardigan worth a full pot of gold — luckily, it only costs a few coins.

    4. A rainbow lease that will look great-ient on your dog.

    5. A multi-color lava lamp even more mesmerizing than a regular one.

    6. A darling A-line dress everyone will want to ~bow~ down to.

    7. A light projector for your own personal rainbow on command (pot of gold not included).

    8. Or peel-and-stick window film that gives you some privacy AND some indoor rainbows.

    9. A vibrant skirt for people with ~unparalleled~ taste.

    10. A rainbow neon light that will really ~glow~ on you.

    11. An umbrella that, unlike regular rainbows, comes out during the rain instead of afterwards.

    12. A fantastic beach ball you might expect to find in a Care Bear beach movie.

    13. A sparkly pinata sure to add life to even the dullest parties.

    14. A cheerful tee people will be ~lining~ up to compliment.

    15. Rainbow-framed Polaroids that will make your photos look extra dreamy.

    16. A pair of pastel sneaks for a different kind of arch support.

    17. An embroidered patch so cheerful, you'll want to stick one on every jacket you own.

    18. A roll of rainbow tape and a cloud dispenser to make your cubicle the happiest workplace on Earth.

    19. Or some washi tape you can use to rainbow-fy your whole life.

    20. A pastel fiber rainbow perfect for a nursery, or anywhere that could use a shot of color.

    21. A dispenser kit sure to help make hosting a great time, rain or shine.

    22. A glittery enamel pin for a uni-que accessory.

    23. A coin pouch perfect to fill with all the gold coins you're going to wrangle out of that leprechaun.

    24. A rainbow napkin holder with matching cloud napkins perfect for anyone who still uses napkins at home.

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