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30 Things That'll Help You Get Your Hair Out Of Your Face

Stop running into things!

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1. A darling heart-shaped clip your hair is going to love.

2. A pair of helpful skeleton hands that will pull your locks back for you.

3. A set of bow hair bands for some subtle kid charm.


7. A bit of hairspray to keep your strands pushed back and in place.


12. A couple of bees who would love to turn your hair into their hive.


17. A string of rings and feathers to add a little boho flair to your braid.

18. A collection of wire headbands for nailing that retro rockabilly look.


21. A spooky skull hair band that warns people you might be a witch.


24. A set of headbands for days when you just don't want to deal.

25. An avocado hat that will get the hair out of your face and replace it with a brim.

26. A hair holder for perfectly round, ballerina-worthy buns.


28. An oversized beanie you can shove your bangs into.