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    34 Products That'll Take Some Of The Annoyances Out Of Traveling

    If you love to travel, except for the part where you're actually traveling, try these products that will help you get from Point A to Point B with ease.

    1. A bendy pillow capable of contorting itself to meet your ever-changing needs. Neck rest? No prob. Pillow to keep your face off the gross bus window glass? Of course!!! Round pillow to make sleeping on your cousin's floor more bearable? Almost!

    model sleeps with head on bendy boodle shaped travel pillow

    2. A leather passport case with room for IDs and your vaccine card so you can have all your important items in one place while going through security.

    black, blue, red, and white passport cases

    3. A portable charger so you can watch Law and Order: SVU for the entire trip without Stabler and Benson having to come figure out why your phone died.

    model pulls charger out of bag

    4. A LifeStraw that allows you to drink pretty much any water you can find in nature. Hiking trips are now just icky water scavenger hunts.

    model drinks water from gross algae water using straw

    5. A colony of penguin bottles ready to hold your shampoo, body wash, lotion, and more.

    6. A mini trash can that fits in the cup holder because you can't just leave wrappers all over the rental car like you do your own car.

    mini trashcan in cup holder

    7. Delish blackberry-flavored gummies that have melatonin in them to help you get to sleep no matter how chatty your seat mate is.

    bottle of purple gummies

    8. A teeny-tiny razor for travelers who like to shave on the move.

    teeny tiny razor

    9. A portable espresso maker so you can enjoy a nice hot drink while enjoying the view (whether that's from on top of a mountain or a motel room).

    tube-shaped coffee maker

    10. A school-inspired 4-in-1 makeup pen with everything you need — eyeliner, highlighter, lipliner, and eyebrow filler — so you can free up some space in your bag.

    11. An Ostrich head pillow to fully block out the visual horror that is the airport.

    pillow that covered entire head

    12. A packing checklist for people who are simply garbage at packing. Never again forget all your socks but somehow remember to bring eight different hats.

    packing checklist that says pack this

    13. Sriracha packets to help make the bland airplane food taste sliiiiightly edible.

    small packets of sriracha

    14. Or single-serve packets of Bachan's Japanese barbecue sauce, aka the most delicious thing in existence. Use these to punch up any meal, from pizza to fish to sandwiches.

    white packet of sauce on top of fries

    15. Bendy, small containers perfect for face creams, pills, or any other small items.

    16. A U-shaped pillow you'll love cuddling up with even more than the stranger sitting next to you.

    u-shaped pillow that is worn crossbody to offer neck support

    17. A credit card-sized game of chess for entertainment emergencies.

    tiny flat plastic with pieces that pop off to become game pieces

    18. A foot hammock so at least one part of your body can kick back and relax.

    reviewer uses hammock on airplane

    19. A pack of makeup remover pads for blasting away every speck of makeup with ~just~ water. Leave the big pack of remover wipes at home and just bring a few of this handy lil' circles.

    a pack of round mini pads

    20. A travel icon shirt so you can just point and nod when trying to speak to locals in a foreign country.

    21. Body wipes to help you stay fresh and clean when you're looking at hour 20 of travel with no shower in sight.

    model in fitness clothing opening a package of body wipes

    22. A Pocket Palette with mascara, lipstick/blush, and BB cream so you can leave the bulky makeup bag at home.

    a three pack of mascara, lip/cheek, and bb cream

    23. A pair of charcoal deodorizing bags that are ready to eat up all the bad smells lingering in your suitcase.

    rectangular packs in shoes

    24. A foldable hair dryer or mini straightener so you can have all your favorite tools nearby without sacrificing your entire carry-on.

    25. A hanging toiletry case that's basically like having a personal assistant who hands you things as you need them.

    soft case filled with toiletries

    26. And packing cubes that will bring peace and order to your messy luggage.

    27. A pair of shoe covers for when you only have room for one pair of shoes and they are NOT rain boots.

    silicone cover over shoe

    28. AirFly, a wireless transmitter that'll connect your AirPods (or any other wireless headphones) to the headphone jack on the flight so you can get access to the free entertainment without having to shell out for those tinny-sounding ear buds they sell during flights.

    model with wireless ear buds on plane

    29. A Dagne Dover duffle bag with a sleeve to neatly fit over your rolling luggage for easy travels. It's even small enough to fit under your plane seat!

    duffel bag with sleeve that fits over the handle of rolly bag

    30. A universal travel adapter you should buy now before you one day end up in a foreign country with no way to charge your stuff.

    a converter with many different ports

    31. A travel knitting bag to keep your crafts all together when jumping on a plane or train. Last thing you want to do after a hectic trip through security is have to worry about detangling yarn or wondering where your other needle went.

    a model knits while holding a tote with yarn in it

    32. A portable cutlery set in a beautiful matte color for meals on the go.

    rectangular cases with fork spoon and knife inside

    33. A coconut rice cake shampoo bar. This tropically-scented bar is packaging-free and can easily get through security, unlike some liquid shampoo bottles I know.

    pink circular bar with yellow dried flower on it

    34. And a biodegradable and compostable soap carrying case with a bamboo insert that allows the bar to dry out after use. No one wants to tote around a soggy bar of soap!

    soap box with bamboo grid on the bottom

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