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    35 Products That Are — In A Word — Genius

    Behold: The Albert Einsteins of products.

    1. A pack of oven liners to protect the bottom of your oven from any overflow/oozing. Just take it out to wash and put off deep cleaning your oven until...forever.

    liner in oven collecting oil from pie

    2. A pair of mop slippers that'll take care of dirty floors while you shuffle around looking for a clean coffee mug in the morning.

    bear slippers with mop fringe on the bottom

    3. An eyeliner with a triangle-shaped stamp so you can just stamp and go. No more erasing and retrying one million times!

    4. A portable cereal cup that lets you eat your breakfast on the move, no spoon or bowl needed.

    5. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets possibly made out of fairy dust, because they'll totally wipe away years of grime in mere minutes.

    before: brown bottle during: foaming liquid in bottle after: clean bottle

    6. Pretty matte pacifiers that are not just for looks — they come with a built-in case for easy storage.

    7. A 13-pocket purse organizer that'll let you seamlessly move all your belongings from one tote to another.

    8. A satin-lined Hairbrella to keep your hair protected from rain, humidity, and anything else that's out to ruin your perfect hairdo.

    9. A breakfast sandwich maker that cooks every part of the sandwich at once and then neatly stacks them together so you can skip the line at your local drive-through.

    gadget with three layers to cook ingredients all at once

    10. A jewelry cleaning pen you can count on to add new shine to your gems, no costly trip to the jeweler needed. As someone who refuses to take off rings before washing dishes, showering, etc., I need this!

    before: ring with cloudy stone  after: clean sparkly ring

    11. A car seat gap filler so you never again have to fully go spelunking to find your phone after it falls through the cracks yet again.

    12. And bedsheet fasteners that'll keep your fitted sheet actually tucked under the mattress. You really shouldn't have to re-tuck it every morning.

    suspenders holding sides of sheets

    13. Slow cooker liners so you don't have to yank the heavy pot out of the cooker to clean it. Bags! Gotta love 'em.

    two plastic bags filled with different dips in a slow cooker

    14. A set of thick velvet slip covers to instantly transform your drab couch into something new and fabulous. Goodbye, stain-covered gray couch and HELLO new couch of my HGTV dreams.

    Reviewer before/after of their couch with the pink velvet slip added. The after pic shows couches that look brand new and completely different.

    15. A powder shampoo that lathers up quite nicely once you add water. It'll last way longer than regular shampoo because it's not diluted with water.

    blue bottle of powder

    16. A dip clip so you can keep your sauces safely secured while in the car.

    A red flat container with two holes for dipping sauce is clipped to a car vent

    17. A giant one pound bag of marshmallows for anyone who picks the boring cereal out of Lucky Charms. I don't blame you if you end up taking romantic selfies with the bag.

    reviewer cradles large bag of marshmallows

    18. An electric bottle opener ready to show you you've been living in the past this whole time. While you've been struggling with a corkscrew and bits of cork in your wine, you could have been pressing a button and enjoying popped bottles in SECONDS.

    reviewer lovingly holds up electric opener that is silver and cylindrical in shape.

    19. Reusable microfiber pads that are compatible with a Swiffer WetJet. Good for the environment *and* your wallet!

    20. A pair of fondue mugs for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of fondue. I personally, would like to dip my whole body into a vat of melted cheese, thank you.

    two mugs with windows on the bottom for small candles next to sticks for dripping food

    21. A grout pen that takes one looks at your dirty tiled floors and walls and goes "I can handle that." Just use this bad boy to paint right over all the dirt and grime.

    22. A food tracker to make sure your pet isn't over or underfed. No amount of sad puppy dog eyes can dupe you into feeding Mr. Wiggles twice.

    device with two sliders for each day of the week

    23. A silicone dog tag that doesn't jingle or clang into food bowls, making it the ideal choice for nervous pups or humans who enjoy peace and quiet.

    blue bone shaped tag

    24. A heat-resistant hair tool holder that solves the age-old problem of needing to straighten your hair and then immediately throw it a drawer.

    25. A power strip with an ultra thin outlet cover so you can enjoy all your ports without dealing with buiky cords getting in the way of keeping your furniture flush to the wall. 

    reviewer before and after photo of plugs on top and the thin outlet on bottom
    reviewer holding the power strip

    Promising review: "The design of this is great. I always hated putting plugs behind furniture and either not using the plug, or the furniture being inches away from the wall. This is the perfect solution. I have a few of these now behind couches and dressers in the house and they are great. This is more expensive than some other flat extension cords but I think the look and quality of these is worth it." —Adam C.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.95 (available in three sizes and two styles).

    26. Sam Edelman rain boots that sneakily look like regular Chelsea boots. Stay dry *without* having to deal with clunky Wellies. 

    BuzzFeed editor, Rebecca O'Connell wearing the black rain boots with a trench coat outside
    Another image of Rebecca O'Connell wearing the boots, this time facing forward
    Rebecca O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    I hate rain boots. They're clunky, uncomfortable, and just cumbersome monsters that take up too much space in my closet. And as helpful as they're supposed to be, I can never figure out when to wear them. It seems like whenever I put them on, the rain stops an hour later and I'm the one doofus wearing rain boots on a sunny day. As much as I'd like to swear off rain boots forever, I don't really feel like moving to Arizona, and I'm sick of coming home in waterlogged sneakers. That means finding a compromise: waterproof shoes that can be passed off as normal shoes.

    But thankfully, I found these Sam Edelman boots on Amazon. The matte boots are subtle and can easily pass off as normal shoes. They're comfortable, and most importantly, definitely waterproof. I have flat feet so there's a little extra space between my foot and the top front of the boot, but it doesn't make walking difficult or painful. They have little tabs on the heels, which make it easy to yank the boots on and off. Finally, I can wake up on a rainy day and not have a minor breakdown trying to figure out what shoes to wear.

    Get them from Amazon for $17.60+ (available in sizes 4–13 and 10 styles).

    Psst: this item is included in Prime Wardrobe so you can give it a trial run if you're a member!

    27. A set of drill brushes so effective, you'll be shocked how clean your bathroom used to be.

    The set comes with a 2-inch flat brush, a 4-inch flat brush, and a round brush. The drill isn't included, but you can grab a basic Black and Decker one ($27.83 on Amazon) that'll do the trick.

    Promising review: "I thought my hard water stains would never come off my shower doors, but I bought this awesome brush set, and it's amazing! I’ve tried all the hacks — drier sheets, clean erasers, lemon, vinegar — nothing works like this brush! I used Zep shower cleaner with it! In the picture, the side on the right is the part of the door I cleaned, and I still have to clean the left side." —Traci D.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95 (available in six colors and stiffness levels).

    28. A keychain car escape tool able to both cut your seat belt and break your car window in emergency situations.

    29. A suction tool to help relieve the itchy agony of bug bites by sucking out insect venom, saliva, and other irritants under your skin. Finally, you can go outside after dark again!

    left: raised mosquito bite, middle : the plunger like tool right: flatter bite with light circular indent around it

    30. A journal happy to store all your increasingly complicated passwords. At least 12 characters, including a symbol, number, capital letter, ancient rune, and the fleeting details of a half-remembered dream? COME ON!

    31. A roll of peel and stick fake marble to jazz up all your dull surfaces.

    32. A Marshmallow Whip Maker loved by TikTokers thanks to its ability to turn your hum-drum cleanser into light frothy foam. Foam = easier to apply and less friction bothering your skin.