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    41 Things You Can Buy Online That Are So Amazing, You'll Wanna Hug Your Mailbox

    Here's the mail, it never fails. It makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail, maaaaiiilllll.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jewelry cleaning pen you can count on to add new shine to your gems, no costly trip to the jeweler needed.

    left: diamond looking blurry right: diamond looking clear and shiny

    2. An Atlas Coffee Club membership that sends you bags of delicious coffee from all over the world.

    model drinks coffee and looks at costa rica post card next to a bag of coffee with geometric design

    3. An ink and stain remover ready to pick a fight with even the toughest of marks. Permanent marker? We'll see about that.

    left: blanket that says evan in permanent marker right: no more evan

    4. A cable protector to prevent the ends of your cords from fraying and breaking. Apple has enough money — stop buying new cords every other month.

    before: frayed cord after: cord with curly covering on it

    5. A pet grooming glove with two key functions: removing excess fur and giving your pet the most luxurious petting of their life.

    6. A clarifying shampoo you can use to cleanse your hair of any lingering product build-up and residue. Using this every now and then can lead to more volume and sometimes softer hair.

    the bottle of shampoo

    7. A doggy foot cleaner to quickly get your pup's paws squeaky clean so they can get back to lounging on your furniture instead of the expensive pet bed you got them.

    paw goes into bristled tube

    8. Billie, a razor subscription service that shows up on time and is gentle on your delicate gams (or wherever you feel like shaving).

    razors with pastel plastic handles lined up

    9. An itty-bitty toenail brace set capable of fixing your painful ingrown toenail problem.

    10. A Birchbox x BuzzFeed collab box filled with all our favorite beauty goodies to start your beauty routine off on the right foot.

    pretty box with everything inside

    11. A hanger organizer to solve your horrible hanger-nest problem you've been suffering through in silence all these years.

    12. Two pairs of baby feet masks for getting the peeling snake feet of your dreams. JK! After the peeling stops, you get nice, soft tootsies.

    before: feet in plastic socks during: peeling feet after: smooth feet

    13. A subscription to Facetory so you never have to worry about running out of sheet masks.

    box with different face masks

    14. A zombie face mask kit that'll bring your skin back to life, in a good, Rick Grimes-approved way.

    before: reviewer face with some fine lines during: face with wrinkled, zombie like skin from mask drying after: face looking brighter and bouncier

    15. A John Frieda hot air brush better at giving you a glam blow out than your usual salon.

    16. A set of eyebrow razors for quick touch-ups wherever you want to banish unwanted hairs.

    model uses straight razor with plastic guard

    17. A subscription to Book of the Month that will help you broaden your literary horizons without ever having to do a second of research.

    hand holds blue box that says book of the month

    18. A curl defining gel made with Manuka honey that will be a sweet treat to your hair.

    the bottle, which is shaped like a honey comb

    19. A stain remover so effective, you can add "wine" to the list of things you don't have to cry over.

    20. A dandruff shampoo that can blast away every annoying flake and let your scalp breathe a sigh of relief. Expect a thank you note from your noggin.

    before: dandruff in reviewer's hair after: no more flakes

    21. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets possibly made out of fairy dust, because they'll totally wipe away years of grime in mere minutes.

    before: brown bottle during: fizzy liquid in bottle after: clean bottle

    22. A silver cleaning wipes because the last thing you need is a set of dirty silverware ~tarnishing~ your reputation.

    23. Garbage disposal cleaner that's not only easy to use, but also very entertaining.

    24. A pair of lacy bands to protect your thighs from rubbing and chafing.

    lacy bands on thighs

    25. CeraVe moisturizing cream — a gentle, miracle-working face cream to help with dry skin, acne, and other skin woes. It's just a solid moisturizer choice.

    the tub of moisturizer

    26. A super pretty doormat that will happily greet you ever time you return home.

    a hello shaped doormat with rainbow stripes

    27. A seemingly magic carpet cleaner capable of turning your brown carpet into whatever color it was when you bought it.

    vacuum cleaner cleans a noticeably lighter stripe in carpet

    28. A bottle of Mike's Hot honey that seriously tastes good on everything. Pizza, wings, veggies, dumplings, salad, cocktails, ice cream, everything!

    honey drizzled on pizza

    29. A liquid eyeliner with a stamp on the other end so you can just ~wing~ it when you want dramatic cat eyes without the drama of trying to draw them on yourself.

    30. Liquid plant food that's pretty much a multi-vitamin for your houseplant. If your green little buddy isn't growing as much as you'd like, consider a couple drops of this elixir!

    31. A set of produce containers for keeping your fruit and veggies fresher for longer. No more rushing home to gorge yourself on berries — take your sweet time!

    left: ready-t-eat strawberry that says "stored in produce saver" right: squishy strawberry that says "from original container"

    32. A nail and cuticle oil to repair all the damage you've wreaked on your paws after chewing on your nails.

    left: reviewer nails looking chipped and peeling right: nails look much better with no peeling

    33. A pack of 16 makeup removing cloth rounds so you can swipe away your makeup with just water. They're reusable and (in my opinion) more effective than regular makeup removing wipes.

    round mini microfiber clothes in white, green, and blue

    34. A collagen coating hair protein treatment that takes your dry, tired hair and turns it into the silky soft locks you've always wanted.

    35. Jumbo divider sticky notes so you can jot down some summary notes on each section in your notebook.

    large sticky notes with tabs

    36. Glossier Solution that gets rid of dead skin and clears complexion, leaving you glowing.

    37. A starter shipment from Wonderful Wine Co — a company that makes sustainable vino that are additive-free and naturally low in sugar.

    three bottles with gradient labels shown next to fruit

    38. A pack of Crest White Strips known for their uncanny ability to turn your teeth a few shades lighter.

    before: yellow teeth after: teeth that are about three shades lighter

    39. A rust remover spray that takes one look at your orange shower and goes "oh, hmm, OK. Let's fix this!"

    before: bright orange stained  shower during: just a few streaks after: no orange stains

    40. An Aerogarden countertop garden for a foolproof way to grow fresh herbs at home. Pizza night is gonna be sooo much better with basil you grew all by yourself.

    model looks at herbs in aerogarden

    41. And a bass-shaped mailbox so your mailbox can be extra huggable. What a fin-bass-tic find!

    fish mailbox

    Mail time!

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