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    28 Practical Products Disguised As Fun Impulse Buys

    Fun and functional!

    1. A pair of oven mitts I think are just peachy.

    2. A space-saving whale strainer that takes up less space and is easier to clean than a regular colander. I think that's just whale-y great.

    3. A chick-themed contact lens case you can get for a pretty cheep price.

    4. A unicorn diffuser that shoots magical clouds (essential oils) into your home.

    5. A fun set of iridescent flatware so you can finally throw away that one fork you just don't like for some reason.

    6. A penguin-shaped odor remover that looks a lot better nestled amongst your food than a regular old box of baking soda.

    7. A pack of loop magnets you can fill with flower stems or cool bendy straws. Your fridge is about look like a work of art.

    8. An angry mama who gets steaming mad when she sees the state of your microwave. Luckily you can use that steam to loosen up all the hardened gunk in there.

    9. A bat-shaped eye mask so you can feel like a superhero before you even start dreaming.

    10. A pack of cat-shaped sponges sure to make you actually excited to do dishes. At least the first time, anyway.

    11. A herd of colorful pens that just wanna be your palpacas.

    12. A pomegranate holding a bunch of tasty looking push pins. Do NOT put these forbidden fruits in your mouth, please.

    13. A container of Belif's Aqua or Moisturizing Bomb featuring a cute arctic creature on the top so you can feel cool and refreshed before you even put the cream on.

    14. And a cat-eared headband so your purrfect skincare routine stays on your face and not your fur.

    15. A gorgeous floral toilet brush that's making me say something I never thought I'd utter: "Wow, I need that toilet brush."

    16. A pool floatie for your mug! Just fill the bottom with loose tea and enjoy your own personal pool party.

    17. Delish blackberry-flavored gummies that do more than just taste good — they have melatonin in them to help you get to sleep and stay that way.

    18. A pineapple-shaped toothbrush holder sure to make a sweet addition in your bathroom.

    19. A pack of mint kitchen gadgets for when you need to stock your kitchen with fresh items, but want to have a little fun doing it.

    20. A pack of woodland creatures happy to help in any way they can. Need that bag clipped, Snow White? You got it!

    21. A can opener, measuring spoons, and kitchen tools all shaped like flowers so you can turn your kitchen into a garden.

    22. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses so you can have an excuse to try out a new pair of frames. These help prevent eye strain and headaches, so yeah, you need these things!

    23. A Harry Potter-shaped tracker so good at helping you find your keys, it'll feel like magic.

    24. A mustachioed razor holder that gives "handlebar mustache" a new meaning.

    25. A mini heart-shaped pan for heart-shaped eggs and pancakes.

    26. A pair of cactus dryer balls so your laundry will come out feeling anything but prickly.

    27. A unicorn ice tray for some simply magical drinks.

    28. A pair of leaf-shaped shears that you can plant right into your flower pot until you need to do a little pruning.

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