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    30 Helpful Tricks To Actually Keep Your Plants Alive

    Plant care can be hard, but not when you have the right tools.

    1. Don't forget to repot your plants every once in a while! You tell when a plant has outgrown its home if roots are coming out of the drainage hole. Once it's time, consult this infographic:

    guide for repotting

    2. Ask an experienced community for guidance when you don't know what type of plant you're working with. The subreddit r/whatsthisplant is here to help.

    screenshot of the subreddit homepage

    3. If your plant likes humidity, they're really not going to like it if it ever gets cold or dry in your home. Place a bowl of water on top of your heater, OR do your plants and yourself a favor and get a humidifier to keep things a little steamy.


    4. Put all your humidity-loving plants in one spot.

    a bunch of places clustered together

    5. Opt for terra-cotta or plastic pots with drainage holes. That fancy pot is cute, but it's gonna trap water at the bottom and give your plants root rot.

    cylinder shaped planters

    6. If you're feeling brave, you can try your hand at making your own drainage holes with a special drill bit.

    drill next to the bits in various sizes

    7. Orrr you can go the safe route and use one of these inserts that'll let the soil drain into a lower compartment of the pot. It's lighter than the traditional method of adding stones under the soil.

    The orange planter insert in a planter

    8. Know your sunlight types! When researching your plant's care needs, it helps if you know what "direct sun" means in relation to your home.

    a graph showing direct sun is right on a south facing window, bright indirect is a little farther back from window, medium light is in the corner, and low light is far away from the window

    9. If your plants come from a humid climate, they'd probably enjoy a good spritz. Arm yourself with a high-quality spray bottle and spray their leaves at least once a day.

    10. Use a guided plant care journal to help you record all the important deets on your plants so you don't have to Google "monstera how much water" every other day.

    11. Seeing some yellow leaves? Don't freak out! This guide will translate what each color is trying to tell you.

    guide that shows that leaf problems could be a sign of dehydration, lack of sunlight, overwatering, or a pest problem)

    12. Add stickers to your agenda to remind you when to water your plants.

    stickers of a dead flower that says water plants

    13. Aerate soil with toothpick or chopstick every now and then.

    hand holds toothpick

    14. Stick some plant food spikes in the soil to keep your leafy friends fed for up to two months.

    15. If you're looking to start an indoor herb garden, read up on the basics:

    indoor herb garden guide

    16. And while you're at it, figure out which herbs are better grown indoor vs. outdoors. This chart is here to help!

    an herb grower's cheat sheet

    17. Attach plants to pack of green plant stakes with plant tape so they can keep growing vertically without putting too much pressure on their delicate stems.

    18. Collect rain water to give your plants, you know, as a treat.

    rain drops on a window

    19. Stick butterfly-shaped sticky traps in your pots so you can finally evict all those tiny fly free-loaders.

    20. Add some Miracle-Gro water storing crystals to soil that'll prevent both under- *and* over-watering, which I believe are the top two killers of houseplants.

    21. Use a banana peel to gentle dust your plants' leaves.

    model wipes down orchid leaf with banana peel

    22. Install a ringed plant stake that'll keep your leggy boi standing tall. It's ideal for plants that tend to slouch, like roses, lilies, sunflowers, minimas, and orchids.

    stake with loop at top keeps bulb plant straight up

    23. Consider using clay pebbles to absorb water and nutrients. They ensure good aeration, prevent excess acidity, and thwart root rot.

    burnt orange colored pebbles with a plant's roots grabbing hold of them

    24. Harness the healing power of cinnamon.

    powdered cinnamon

    25. if you lack the coveted ☀️SOUTH FACING WINDOW☀️, get an adjustable, three-headed LED grow light that will ensure your plants get all the sweet, sweet rays they need to photosynthesize away.

    a collection of small plants on table under the light

    26. When looking for a product to keep produce fresh longer, opt for a pair of Blueapples to soak up the ethylene gas. What does this have to with plants, you ask? Well, once it's time to replace the contents of the apples, you can dump the used powder into your plants as plant food. A waste-free solution!

    a reviewer's before and after that shows a close up of an ivy plant that's brown with small leaves and then the same ivy looking fuller and greener

    27. Install the Leaflow device so all the water actually gets in the pot instead of all over the place.

    a leaf-shaped funnel that connects to side of pot

    28. If your plant is getting too leggy, try pruning the top to promote bushier growth.

    model clips the side of a houseplant

    29. Install floating clear shelves that offer up much-needed surface space for your plants, because you only have so much windowsill real estate.

    The three-tiered shelf holding nine plants

    30. Opt for easy, low-key plants if you're a beginner.

    three pots with plants

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