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    40 Stylish Things That'll Make You Yell "Get On My Body!!"


    1. A Ouija planchette ring that'll put you in good ~spirits~.

    2. A snuggly jacket sure to give teddy bears a run for their money.

    3. A western-style belt for a different kind of ranch dressing.

    4. A grid shirt dress that Faith from Buffy would definitely think is five by five.

    5. A crewneck sweater you'll be glad to have for layering season.

    6. Speaking of layering, a pearl-dotted sweater/shirt combo for tricking people into thinking you put way more effort into your outfit than you really did.

    7. Hoop earrings you'll be starry eyed (eared?) for.

    8. A polka dot coat for a autumnal look that's ~spot~ on.

    9. Glittery tights to add a touch of glam to any outfit.

    10. A mini zipper skirt that comes in a variety of designs, so you might as well buy one of each.

    11. A spooky bat choker you can definitely wear well after Halloween.

    12. Cozy looking combat boots pretty much made for walking and that's just what they'll do.

    13. A twist-back pullover sweater that's definitely got your back.

    14. A darling plaid skirt best paired with a nice cup of tea and a good book.

    15. A pair of sneakers for people who like to wear their hearts on their heels.

    16. A pleated tee great for pretty much any season.

    17. Corduroy jeggings perfect for rocking to work and then to the bar afterwards. We'd like to see a pencil skirt do that!

    18. A lacy top with a Peter Pan collar that'll make you happy enough to fly.

    19. A "Starry Night"-inspired panty set that will van Gogh nicely under your clothes.

    20. A baby blue faux leather jacket, because pastels are great all year round and no one can tell me otherwise.

    21. A simple, long-sleeve dress perfect for accessorizing, like maybe with some riding boots and boot liners.

    22. A velvet dress with a scary-cute design on the collar.

    23. Doggone adorable flats that will make any outfit instantly more interesting — and cute!

    24. A striped crop top for people with ~unparalleled~ taste.

    25. A polka-dot jumpsuit that deserves a ~round~ of applause.

    26. Cut-out booties that maaay already be in my cart.

    27. A brick house dress — it'll be curtains for your wallet once you see this.

    28. A Henley top so perfect for fall, I can almost hear leaves crunching just by looking at it.

    29. A layered peplum top that looks way more expensive than it is really is. Don't worry, your secret is safe with us.

    30. A red marled knit cardigan pretty much made to be paired with denim.

    31. A midi skirt with a classic charm that'll never go out of style.

    32. A fierce bodycon dress with gold-chain shoulder embellishments that are just a general-ly great look.

    33. An oversized scarf that will keep you warm and make any outfit feel 1000% more fall.

    34. And an oversized cardigan, because everything is better when it's bigger. Just ask Texas!

    35. A pair of lightweight oxfords you can wear with jeans, slacks, a dress, skirt, ANYTHING!

    36. A pawsome set of socks every dog lover definitely needs to buy.

    37. Chunky clogs with enough support to take you on long walks, which is good because you'll want everyone to see them.

    38. A vibrant cardigan you should get or else suffer from a horrible case of the ~blues~.

    39. A long scarf hair-tie to turn bad hair days into everyone-compliments-your-outfit days.

    40. And a printed shift dress you'll be fauna-ing over every time.

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