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    33 Cool Gifts To Give When You're Not Sure What To Get

    Just general, all-around good stuff.

    1. A travel kit filled with hair essentials that work with any type of hair.

    2. A set of beer jellies for anyone who loves beer enough to eat it.

    3. A charming kit that lets them build their own tiny, doll-sized library.

    4. A pink-centric gift set with an eye mask, candle, perfume, and matches for anyone in need of some personal time.

    5. A pair of touch-activated lights that connect with Wi-Fi, so the two of you can feel close, no matter how far the physical distance is.

    6. A flat water bottle sleek enough to take anywhere, so they'll finally stay hydrated.

    7. A Bob Ross calendar to make them as happy as a painted tree.

    8. Kiehl's lip balms made even better with Mickey Mouse-themed boxes.

    9. A cute teapot to panda-r to the animal lover in anyone.

    10. A brilliant activity book for all ages that celebrates the 50 states.

    11. A cozy smelling candle inspired by one of their favorite authors.

    12. Or a whiskey glass etched with the map of one of their favorite cities.

    13. A coffee table book showcasing a collection of important Polaroids throughout time.

    14. A subscription box jam-packed with treats from all over the world so their taste buds can go on a trip.

    15. A stunning marble-style pet bowl that they might want to steal from their dog.

    16. A fun box filled with brainteasers based on works of classic literature like Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island.

    17. A luxurious robe so they can live their best, most relaxed life.

    18. Or a pair of slippers to really up the cuddle factor.

    19. A cookie shot maker for taking libations to a sweeter level.

    20. A USB-powered Himalayan salt lamp shaped like a cat. It has something for everyone, whether they're a techie, an animal lover, or a new age wellness person.

    21. An Audible subscription for anyone who likes to listen to books when they don't have time to sit down and read.

    22. Ombre mechanical pencils they'll think are just great-ient.

    23. A photo book of underwater dogs, because who wouldn't enjoy some good pup pics?

    24. An infusion kit for making delicious and uniquely flavored drinks at home.

    25. A pair of hand bookends that will squish their book collection together.

    26. A sock gift box, because everyone could use more socks when someone else is footing the bill.

    27. A fun, TV-shaped sponge holder to actually get them excited to do the dishes (this might be a gift for you).

    28. Miniature ceramic pots perfect for housing tiny succulents.

    29. A gigantic tartan scarf they're going to be plaid they have when the weather gets cold.

    30. A classy duffel bag so they'll be more inclined to visit you.

    31. A monogram cheese board that'll feel personal, no matter how last-minute the purchase is.

    32. A foot bath, because everyone's feet are going to be hurting after all that frantic, last-minute holiday shopping.

    33. And a gorgeous bottle of nonalcoholic spirit to add an aromatic touch to tonic or a cocktail.

    You're basically Santa if you get them this stuff.

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