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    34 Things That'll Actually Make You Want To Organize Everything

    Finally get your life in order... as painlessly as possible.

    1. A waterproof makeup carousel with scalloped shelves for feeling like you're picking out a fancy French pastry every time you're doing your makeup.

    2. An adhesive cat hook you can get away with installing in a rental or dorm, and still walk away with your security deposit.

    3. A colorful cord protector that even comes with the character of your choice to keep the cords bound and out of your hair.

    4. A tea bag organizer for showing off your amazing tea selection.

    5. A dateless weekly planner to organize your life in the cutest way possible.

    6. A collection of adhesive bunny ears you can use to keep your cords in place by sticking them in the grooves or wrapping them around the ears.

    7. A zippered pencil case capable of holding up to 72 pencils for extreme colorers.

    8. An animal-shaped letter holder that looks cool enough that you might actually buy something as boring as a letter holder.

    9. A grassy organizer for a pen holder more interesting than a standard mug.

    10. A clever container with a plant or animal inside you can fill with cotton swabs for a snowy winter scene, or toothpicks for a spiky desert.

    11. A colorful, mounted bathroom organizer that holds on to all your various items, plus six toothbrushes that are protected from the elements with removable covers.

    12. A vibrant shower caddy with bendy hooks that let it hang on to whatever's available in the shower.

    13. A leather strap for finally escaping the dread of untangling headphones.

    14. A helpful elephant that can hold your utensils or toothbrushes and filter out all the excess water through its trunk.

    15. A set of space savers you can use to stack shoes on top of each other and make room for even more shoes.

    16. A bunch of metal containers to save your drawers from the usual chaos.

    17. A hidden tower shelf you can slide out of virtually nowhere, revealing all your spices, toiletries, or secret potions.

    18. A mounted necklace holder with all the moon phases on it for some mystic bedroom decor.

    19. An over-the-door hook that looks like a cat got stuck in your door, but in a good way because it's holding up your stuff.

    20. A modern mint bar cart to buy when you're looking for a unique way to store your extra kitchen items.

    21. A rainbow mobile organizer that'll roll its way into your heart once you realize how much stuff you can fit in it.

    22. A travel organizer to help you finally get all your souvenirs and ticket stubs in order (and also figure out where to go next).

    23. A tree-shaped coat rack that will make you never want to leaf your apartment.

    24. A mint sponge caddy you can hook right onto the faucet for a pop of color in the sink.

    25. A very fancy, stackable storage box that's a step up from the plastic or felt boxes you might have had in the past.

    26. A strong metallic key holder to stick on your fridge so you always know where your keys are.

    27. A tiny, little file cabinet perfect for a mouse's important memos, or for your business cards.

    28. A little house to store all your empty plastic bags when putting them all into a slightly larger plastic bag seems too much like cannibalism.

    29. A transparent, three-piece cosmetic organizer for displaying all your awesome beauty products while still keeping them from overrunning your dresser.

    30. A hanging closet shelf with plenty of pockets and lots of fancy designs so it feels right at home amongst your clothing.

    31. A K-cup carousel that will help you with the organized utopia you're trying to achieve.

    32. A storage bench for both sitting on and stowing all your crap.

    33. A magnetic circle board you're going to be so excited to start sticking stuff to.

    34. An amazing hanging jewelry case that's pretty much a medicine cabinet for your bedroom.

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