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    63 Old-Fashioned Names To Consider When You Want Your Baby To Have A Unique (But Not Weird) Name

    Yes, this just a list of old-person names that I think sound cool!

    Like fashion, names are cyclical and come in and out of fashion. Like dad shoes, grandparent names are soon to come back in a big way. Hello, future baby Agathas!

    I dug through the US Social Security Administration's archives for the top names in the 1880s/90s and then checked out some baby name blogs for inspiration. Here are the ones I think you should name your future, hypothetical baby.

    (Note: It's not like these names are extinct or anything. Like, your name could very well be Sherman! This is just a list of names that have fallen off the contemporary top baby name list (the Billboard 100 of names, if you will) and deserve a resurgence.

    1. Roscoe

    2. Cornelius

    There is a 0% chance you name your kid this and they don't become a CEO of something.

    3. Ernest

    4. Hubert

    5. Dewey

    Also good: Huey and Louie.

    6. Percy

    7. Otto

    8. Irving

    9. Waldo

    10. Garland

    11. Ambrose

    12. Amos

    Like the cookies, your child could spread joy far and wide with this name.

    13. Cecil

    14. Jasper

    15. Clayton

    16. Noble

    Putting a lot of pressure on the kid with a name like that, but I think they can handle it.

    17. Grover

    18. Edwin

    19. Chester

    No one has to know you named your baby after the Cheetos mascot. Just tell them you got the idea from this list.

    20. Willard

    21. Kermit

    If people are naming their kids Khaleesi you can totally name yours Kermit. 🐸

    22. Errol

    23. Franklin

    24. Wilbur

    Things you can call your child if you name them Wilbur: Terrific, Radiant, Humble, Some Pig.

    25. Vernon

    26. Essie

    27. Mabel

    28. Ethel

    29. Ruth

    This is my mom's name so I'm biased. But why wouldn't you want your own Baby Ruth???

    30. Pearl

    31. Agnes

    32. May

    Too many Aprils walking around and not enough Mays.

    33. Elsie

    34. Gladys

    35. Edith

    36. Hattie

    37. Viola

    38. Flora

    39. Effie

    40. Fern

    This is what I want to name my imaginary baby and yet no one will let me! Folks, the baby isn't even real and my mother is still furious.

    41. Marion

    42. Gertrude

    43. Esther

    44. Goldie

    A great Animal Crossing character and a great kid, I'd bet.

    45. Della

    46. Maud

    47. Edna

    48. Willie

    49. Estella

    Or Estelle!

    50. Ora

    51. Blanche

    52. Leona

    53. Birdie

    54. Genevieve

    55. Minerva

    You know, like the Roman goddess of wisdom? And yes, OK, war too, but focus on the wisdom part.

    56. Flossie

    57. Agatha

    58. Lucinda

    59. Winifred

    60. Bernadette

    Then when they're old enough, they can read the instant classic book Where'd You Go, Bernadette.

    61. Ida

    62. Beryl

    63. Sibyl

    How do you feel about these old-school names? Do you agree with me that Fern is a Very Cool name? Did I write this whole thing just to bring legitimacy to my fake child's name? Feel free to scream at me in the comments.