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    29 Non–High Heels That'll Still Look Good With A Dress

    Comfort is KEY but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.

    1. A pair of cushy sandals that just called and asked if you wanted to go for a bike ride in the park. What a great summer companion!

    2. Strappy ballet flats that'll make you do a happy dance, possibly in a vaguely ballet style.

    3. A pair of no-nonsense sneaks at a no-nonsense price. You simply can't afford not to buy them! It doesn't hurt that they look good with pretty much anything.

    4. A pair of chunky platform jelly sandals that are deliciously comfortable.

    5. Perforated leather oxfords so you can effortlessly go from the classroom to a rooftop party.

    6. Or less chunky oxfords for a daintier look.

    7. Purple sandals that are cuter than a pair of red and blue ones combined.

    8. Fancy pointy flats for looking SHARP!

    9. A pair of faux suede loafers that come in a ton of different colors so you can stock up.

    10. A pair of chunky dad sneakers from the OG dad sneaker brand, Fila. My dad nearly wept when he saw these at the store and your pop might too!

    11. Braided sandals so summery, you'll wonder how you ever had fun in the sun without them.

    12. A pair of leather sandals with blue straps for just a little pop of color without being too flashy.

    13. A pair of elastic band sandals you can just throw on and go. Summer fun waits for no lace-tier.

    14. Bowed jelly flip-flops that are a step up from the dollar store flops you've been rocking since you grabbed them last minute on the boardwalk three years ago.

    15. A pair of waterproof Birks for people who hate flip flops but need a pair of sandals that can handle impromptu beach visits.

    16. A pair of platform Steve Maddens so you can get height and still walk around with ease.

    17. A pair of wide width mustard slides you'll get so many condiments— I mean compliments on.

    18. Mary-Janes for an adorable option that'll make you swear off heels forever.

    19. Perforated leather slip-ons with a squishy foam footbed for such supreme comfort, you'll forget all about all your other shoes.

    20. A pair of wedges that'll take you to great heights, even if your heels are just being lifted a tiny bit.

    21. Criss-cross fisherman sandals for anyone fishing for compliments. You'll definitely reel in a bunch.

    22. Clarks mules so you can have effortless style with the cushy comfort of their signature boots.

    23. Studded jelly sandals for the diva who needs to take it up a notch, always.

    24. Simple, wide-fit white sneakers that go with everything (dresses included).

    25. A pair of llama sneakers so adorable, they might put you at risk of running into things. You'll be that busy looking down and admiring them.

    26. Quilted sneakers as comfortable and inviting as your beloved quilted comforter. Nap time — for once — can wait.

    27. A classic pair of Adidas Stan Smith Originals for timeless style that'll make everyone green with envy.

    28. Rainbow sandals for a great-ient alternative to heeled shoes.

    29. And a pair of watermelon Keds you need to seed to believe.

    Not even can walk in heels with the ease and grace of Bart Simpson.

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