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    32 Legend Of Zelda Merch No Hylian Should Be Without

    It's dangerous to go alone! Take all this cool stuff with you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An enamel pin of "Epona's Song," because who better to honor with a valuable spot on your favorite denim jacket than a reference to Link's majestic steed?

    a pin of a scroll of music for "epona's song"

    2. A Fang & Bone tee you can actually buy with normal currency instead of monster parts.

    a tee that says fang and bone quality monster parts by kilton with some monsters parts

    3. A delicate Triforce ring you'd likely find as a treasure within one of the many chests you're bound to open while exploring dungeons.

    a dainty gold triforce ring

    4. A Master Sword cork stopper you better believe will make you feel like a warrior every time you majestically pull it out of your bottle of vino.

    the wine cork that looks like link's master sword

    5. A Navi planter that'll be like, "Hey listen! Don't forget to water your plant!"

    a round blue planter with fairy wings

    6. An enamel pin of Majora's Mask to represent your favorite installment of the game and the many (many!) hours you spent playing it.

    the pink circular pin with the words "you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?" around the top rim above a pastel-colored version of the character

    7. A Breath of the Wild-inspired destination poster with exotic locales like Zora Domain, and Rito Village. Wish you were here! I could use some help with this shrine puzzle.

    8. A touch tool engraved with one of the most memorable quotes from the Zelda universe — a must-have for adventurers who dare to leave their video games and head out into the real world (or, you know, just have to push elevator buttons).

    a gold key-like tool with the words "it's dangerous to go alone! take this" on it

    9. A piece-of-heart soap sure to give you more life just by looking at it.

    blue heart soap with red hearts in the center

    10. A Korok plush toy, because I don't see any reason at all why you shouldn't be able to snuggle with an adorable spirit of the forest whenever you want.

    11. Realistic-looking rupees that may not buy you some new armor, but will look great on a keychain or necklace.

    plastic gems

    12. A Link's Awakening Switch dock so cute, you'll never want the Wind Fish to wake up.

    switch dock that looks like the island from links awakening, complete with house, windfish egg, and place for an amiibo

    13. A triforce desk lamp that'll light the way for you whether you're enjoying a late-night gaming sesh or trying to catch up on work emails.

    a light shaped like the triforce from zelda

    14. A mug that looks like a nice refreshing bottle of Lon Lon milk. Moo-ve over, oat milk, this is the only stuff I want in my coffee.

    model drinks from mug with blue cow label on it

    15. A throw blanket designed to look like The Legend of Zelda gold cartridge you used to pop into your NES for endless hours of adventure.

    16. A coffee table book about the history of Hyrule, any true Zelda fan would easily pay all their rupees to get their hands on it.

    17. Cookie cutters to help you make the best cookies this side of the Hylia River. All you need is some cane sugar, goat butter, Tabantha wheat, a cucco egg...

    cookies shaped like rupees, shields, triforces, majora, and navi

    18. A trio of Zelda-themed scrunchies you can use to tie your hair back when things start to get heated during your battle with Ganon.

    three scrunchies with zelda icon patterns on it

    19. Candles inspired by the game, in case you've always been dying to know what the (pre-Calamity) courtyard of Hyrule Castle might smell like.

    a green lost woods candle, a purple hyrule castle candle, and a white lon lon milk candle

    20. A copy of The Unofficial Legend of Zelda Cookbook, for anyone who enjoys the soothing cooking experience from Breath of the Wild and would like to translate some of those creations into their actual kitchen.

    21. A wow-worthy way to store all your Switch games. Who knew the goddess Hylia was such a gamer?

    master sword with sheath that has indents to fit six games

    22. An adorable mug starring Link that'll make you smile as you sip your morning java — not even Ganon would be able to bring you down when you're drinking out of this!

    a mug with a cartoon-like link on it holding up a mug and the words "you found coffee! all hearts restored!"

    23. A mini Switch game keychain featuring your favorite game, whether that's Breath of the Wild, Link's Awakening, or something else.

    keychains shaped like the polyboxes of various games

    24. A lil' Korok who will happily hang out in your houseplant. I can hear the "yahaha!" now.

    little dude holding onto a propeller leaf being held up with wire

    25. An acrylic Zelda terrarium pin that'll capture the soothing feeling that comes over you as soon as you turn on Breath of the Wild.

    a pin of a terrarium with flowers and a sword inside

    26. A glow-in-the-dark Navi keychain to help them find their way without saying "hey, listen!" one million times.

    glowing navi keychain

    27. A beautifully hand-drawn map of Termina from Majora's Mask designed to look ancient and faded as if you just discovered it while making your way through Clock Town.

    the map in a frame

    28. A Breath of the Wild goddess statue that won't grant them extra life or stamina — but will look pretty nice in their garden.

    statue shaped like praying angel from video game

    29. A set of earrings that'll let you subtly show off your love for your favorite fandom without having Link himself tattooed to your forehead.

    gold triforce stud earrings

    30. A special card the love of your life will absolutely gush over and declare as precious as the 500+ hours they've put into their latest Zelda game file.

    a white card that says all my hearts are yours with three red hearts on it

    31. A key ring holder to ensure you'll never have to explore a Mysterious Forest to find your car keys. You're welcome.

    a wooden key ring holder with little swords as the hooks and the words "it's dangerous to go alone. take this" above them

    32. And *all* the Zelda games your Nintendo Switch can hold — dive into one of these majestic journeys, you absolutely deserve it.

    a model using a yellow switch to play zelda link's awakening

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