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    28 Iridescent Products That Are Almost Too Pretty To Be Real

    Shine bright like an opal.

    1. A holographic stick from Milk that will highlight your face with a futuristic sheen.

    2. A vegan leather backpack you'll never lose track of.

    3. A pair of iridescent leggings that make any day a party.

    4. A fuzzy unicorn keychain to add a little magic to your purse or backpack.

    5. A gorgeous container of mascara that sadly goes on black instead of rainbow.

    6. A pearlescent tote bag to throw all your shiny stuff into.

    7. An adjustable hat that transforms your head into a disco ball.

    8. A glistening glow palette for turning your face into a shimmering dream.

    9. A shimmery pink wallet that might make you go broke because you're going to want to pull it out all the time.

    10. A pair of boots possibly made out of the world's shiniest snake.

    11. A metallic mini skirt you can wear on your next intergalactic mission.

    12. A pair of mirrored vegan leather oxfords that are about to replace all the shoes in your closet.

    13. A set of glittery lip products—glimmer balm, flower balm, and shiny lip gloss—for looking like you just made out with a unicorn.

    14. A pearly lunch bag that's pretty enough to make taking lunch to work slightly bearable.

    15. A glimmery shower curtain liner that'll add an amazing sheen to the inside of your shower.

    16. A pair of shiny slides to wear to the pool or maybe while boarding a spaceship.

    17. A checkered, transparent iPhone 6/7 case that will make your phone looks even more futuristic.

    18. A windbreaker to shine some light on a gloomy day.

    19. A stemless wine glass made of stainless steel for sipping on colorful and sparkling drinks.

    20. A set of knives that will bring you to tears, and not just because you're cutting onions.

    21. A pair of awesomely glittery nail polish for people who can't afford to get the gel version at the salon.

    22. A pair of bone-chilling platform shoes perfect to wear during the Halloween season.

    23. A cool fanny pack that is the height of fashion and function.

    24. A pair of sparkly shorts for commanding any room you walk into.

    25. A prismatic pen holder that will ensure you outshine all the other desks at work.

    26. A pair of shimmery creepers to help you nail that pastel goth look you saw on Tumblr.

    27. An oil slick mug because even your kitchenware deserves to be colorful and shiny.

    28. A fish scale makeup bag you might as well have bought from a mermaid.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.