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    23 Incredibly Specific Subscription Boxes You Somehow Need

    Letters from dead people, slime, animal bones, and 20 other subscription boxes for people who know *exactly* what they want.

    1. Piquant, a service that sends you a different spice each month so you'll never get tired of your own cooking.

    2. Stickii, because everything you own deserves to be covered in stickers.

    3. Care/Of, a service that will mail you vitamins each month, so you won't run out of a bottle and forget to take vitamins for the rest of the year.

    4. Amazon's Carnivore, a monthly box filled with glorious cured meat from local artisans.

    5. A rubber stamp subscription box that's sure to up your scrapbooking game.

    6. A Harry Potter Loot Crate that will feed your magic obsession, since you can't go to Hogwarts for real.

    7. Letters From Dead People, a service that mails you letters from New Orleans — 100 years ago.

    8. Moss of the Month Club for terrarium lovers who are always looking for more moss in their life.

    9. Sliime Box, a service that gives you a box of slime and slime-related items.

    10. Olympia Provisions Pickle of the Month Club so you can always have a vinegary snack on hand.

    11. Retro Game Treasure for gamers with chronic nostalgia.

    12. Love Goodly, a cruelty-free beauty box so you can look good without harming any furry friends.

    13. Skulls Unlimited International, Inc., a subscription box that will feed your macabre obsession with dead stuff by plying you with cool bones.

    14. A Firefly Loot Crate for people who are still bitter about the show's early cancellation.

    15. Winc, because going to the store and blindly picking out a bottle of wine is frankly too much stress without a drink first.

    16. Stick in a Box, a seller of beef jerky — and nothing else, thank you.

    17. Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, a food and music ~experience~ delivered to your home each month.

    18. Lefty's Loot because my fellow south paws need help overcoming daily struggles like opening cans and cutting with scissors.

    19. A quarterly grass-fed butter subscription for people who think regular butter is boring.

    20. OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box — a service so exciting, you might not even wait to take the cookies out of the box before dunking it in milk.

    21. Exotic Noods — it sends exactly what you think it would: noodles from all over the world. What else could it possibly send?

    22. A seasonal wreath subscription — a Williams and Sonoma-level luxury that will make your life seem ~sooo~ put together.

    23. Olive A' Sudden for getting fancy olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all over the world, no plane ticket needed.

    Mail time is suddenly worth singing about.