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    38 Home Products From Urban Outfitters You'll Want To Buy ASAP

    Surround yourself with crystals, brass, and monstera leaves.

    1. Claw-some adhesive kitty hooks that will keep all your stuff in order and away from swatting paws.

    2. A minimalist brass planter for showing off your leafy pals.

    3. A log pillow that might divulge some Twin Peaks spoilers while you carry it around.

    4. A round daisy mirror for making every day feel like spring.

    5. These smiley face glasses that will be upbeat even when you're not.

    6. A classic tapestry for reliving your college years.

    7. A quartz wind chime that doesn't quite chime... but possibly hums with new agey wellness.

    8. A yin yang bath mat for staying balanced and never falling in the shower.

    9. An embroidered pillow that might be flirting with you?

    10. A retro rainbow rug for adding a pop of color to your bathroom.

    11. A heart-shaped mug to show off how much you love coffee.

    12. A light up ice cream cone for some sweet room decor.

    13. An iridescent trash can because even your garbage deserves a pretty receptacle.

    14. Removable wallpaper perfect for people renting or unable to commit to a permanent wall pattern.

    15. An impossibly elegant water vase that looks like a place a super fancy goldfish might live.

    16. A velvety couch we can totally see you lounging on right now.

    17. A pizza snowglobe to shake in frustration when there's no real pizza around to eat.

    18. A foosball bottle opener for cracking open a beer and doing anything but playing real soccer.

    19. A hanging moon planter to keep your wolf's bane in.

    20. An industrial storage dresser perfect for keeping clothing or ancient confidential files that can only be viewed with a flashlight.

    21. A pretzel making device for people who don't have access to New York's many soft pretzel stands.

    22. A coral reef shower curtain to hide behind when you turn back into a mermaid.

    23. A dish holding rack for keeping your kitchen stuff in order.

    24. An abstract duvet cover for a bedroom worthy of the MoMa.

    25. A cactus duvet that's a lot less prickly than the source material.

    26. A rosy colored flask for getting slightly rosy cheeks.

    27. An extremely happy candle tin that's smiling a lot for something that's about to get set on fire.

    28. A glass frame for showcasing dried flowers, polaroids, concert tickets, or other important, flat knick-knacks.

    29. A set of grid silverware you're going to want to use every day.

    30. A hand sign mold for making pretty radical ice cubes, candy, or soap.

    31. A 30-day challenge cube to help you slow down and take care of yourself.

    32. An avocado themed cutting board, for making avocado toast at home, where it costs thousands of dollars less.

    33. A glass keepsake box that will put your jewelry on display.

    34. Printed storage bowls for adding decor to even the inside of your fridge.

    35. A cat-shaped bath mat that will keep your paws purrfectly dry.

    36. A LED message board for your most illuminating ideas.

    37. A cork world map to record your travels, or just showcase all your cool pictures.

    38. An OK hand photo clip for holding up exactly one picture.