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    29 Ridiculously Cozy Oversized Cardigans To Wear All Autumn

    These hands are going into big sleeves for hibernation until spring.

    1. A chunky, ribbed sweater that will completely swallow up your hands.

    2. A cropped but chunky ray of sunshine you can count on to keep you warm even on cloudy days.

    3. A patterned sweater to throw on when Hyrule needs saving again.

    4. An embroidered snugglefest with perfectly huge sleeves that can double as mittens.

    5. A boyfriend sweater you'll probably give more love to than an actual boyfriend.

    6. A chunky cable-knit in a vibrant blue that will definitely chase your blues away.

    7. A quarter-sleeve cardigan to complete the perfect fall look.

    8. A maroon sweater-shawl hybrid that was bred in a laboratory dedicated to cuddliness.

    9. A soft wool mix to satisfy your millennial pink needs.

    10. A cocoon cardigan for cuddling up and watching Disney movies in.

    11. A versatile cable-knit you can pair with some oversized glasses on your way to the park to feed pigeons.

    12. A cold-shoulder sweater to consider when you want to be warm, but not too warm.

    13. A gigantic cardigan that pretty much feels like wrapping a big blanket around yourself.

    14. A faux fur-trimmed beauty you can trust to keep you warm without harming any animals.

    15. A knit sweater with giant buttons that would make your grandpa swoon.

    16. A chenille cardi you're going to want to sleep in (after you're done with your crossword puzzle).

    17. An ombre darling to wear while going to the pumpkin patch, apple orchard, haunted house, or other insanely fall activity.

    18. A simple stitch cardigan you can probably get away with wearing every day.

    19. A long pastel number with a hood that's the closest you're going to get to wearing a robe to work.

    20. A super long cable-knit you can see yourself wearing while taking up knitting.

    21. A houndstooth cutie with excellently big pockets to tuck your cold paws in.

    22. A red wool cardi you can depend on when someone opens a window in the office.

    23. A drapey, patterned piece with enough fabric to keep your whole family warm.

    24. A gradient knit you can wear when you want to make a ~dramatic~ entrance.

    25. A long gray option with a tiger and stern warning on the back.

    26. A collared sweater-coat perfect for re-enacting all your favorite noir detective movies.

    27. A fuzzy dream you might wear if you're looking to blend in with a herd of Muppets.

    28. A mix-matched oddball to wear when you're not sure what kind of sweater you're in the mood for.

    29. A beloved knit cardigan that people swear by.

    Soon you'll have the impeccable style of Mr. Oldman.