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    29 Gorgeous Kitchen Products That Only *Look* Like A Million Bucks

    Time for a dinner party!

    1. A rose gold sponge holder that will keep your sponge away from puddles, and smelling like roses.

    2. A gilded dog whisk sure to be the doggone star of your utensils.

    3. A matte black kettle so pretty, you'll be whistling even more than the kettle itself.

    4. Fancy, shiny flatware that will dazzle your guests without draining your bank account.

    5. An elegant white platter no one will know came from Walmart.

    6. A marble utensil holder that you'll think really ~rocks~.

    7. A gold-trimmed animal mug, because everyone needs more fancy fauna in their life.

    8. Gem slice coasters that will make ~agate~ addition to your home.

    9. Marble ceramic containers for looking like your kitchen belongs to a tasteful Instagram influencer.

    10. Hand painted glass nut bowls so fancy looking, you'll be tempted to fill it with only cashews, aka the fanciest of nuts.

    11. A rose gold grid for displaying all your best kitchen tools.

    12. A sleek looking trashcan that will make even your garbage look chic.

    13. A trendy rolling pin that will look ~marbleous~ in your home.

    14. A set of turquoise glass tumblers made even prettier when you fill them with your signature cocktail.

    15. A hand-glazed constellation salad plate you'll be over the moon for.

    16. A golden fox ice cream scoop because if you're gonna eat Phish Food right out of the carton, you might as well be fancy about it.

    17. A genius oil and vinegar cruet that will look ~grape~ on your counter.

    18. A beautifully speckled fry pan you'll want to take out at every dinner party — just look at that wood handle!

    19. A modern-looking towel ring for a kitchen towel that's anything but square.

    20. A matte lunch bowl so nice, you'll actually be excited to bring lunch to work.

    21. An iridescent decanter you'll really take a shine to — especially when you see how affordable it is.

    22. A pair of salt and pepper shakers that ~wooden~ look too shabby sitting on your kitchen table.

    23. A utensil holder sure to make you heart soar.

    24. A water carafe you can fill with fruit and feel like you live in a glossy home magazine.

    25. A set of simple bamboo cutting boards that work for both cutting and serving.

    26. A set of absorbent coasters you'll never take for ~granite~.

    27. An insulated water bottle that comes at a real (stainless) steel.

    28. A whiskey decanter set you can just as easily see on the set of Mad Men.

    29. A fancy cheese slicer almost as fun to use as actually eating cheese.

    When someone compliments you on your nice ass kitchen.

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