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    34 Gifts For Anyone Who Really Loves Nintendo

    Gifts for the Luigi to your Gooigi.

    1. A Nintendo 64 cartridge soap they don't have to blow on before using in the shower.

    2. A Chain Chomp light that sadly doesn't bark, but does swivel for optimum lighting.

    3. A Triforce ring to give to the person who you consider the source of your power, wisdom, and courage.

    4. A set of Super Mario magnets so they can recreate their favorite levels.

    5. A shirt to give to your pal who might only be your friend because you both have weird mustaches and bully talking toadstools. At least you both crush at tennis.

    6. An adorable plush Makar that jingles when you shake him (!!!) and maybe, if you're really lucky, will play you a haunting song on his violin.

    7. A sweetheart enamel pin dedicated to their favorite pink Pokémon. They'll find these Clefairly a-Mew-sing, and maybe worth singing about.

    8. A Mario-inspired chess board sure to be the most fun game in the Mushroom Kingdom.

    9. A Gameboy necklace with — get this — three interchangeable game cartridges that slide in and out of the pendent.

    10. A Pikachu lamp that clearly knows Flash, no HM05 needed.

    11. A set of Animal Crossing stickers fit for your favorite mayor.

    12. A heat-changing Gameboy mug that turns on as gradually as they do after sipping on their morning joe.

    13. A Yoshi egg bath bomb with a surprise friend inside.

    14. A Donkey Kong mug that's a barrel of laughs.

    15. A glowing mushroom light they'll have a fun(gi) time using.

    16. A wood pin featuring a villager they love so much, they wouldn't even get mad if they sold them a fake painting.

    17. A Piranha Plant puppet they'll chew-se as their favorite gift.

    18. A Lucas sticker sure to make their laptop the best decorated one in all of Tazmily Village.

    19. A sassy Blue Shell enamel pin that might give them chills just to look at it.

    20. A box of Sugarfina candy bento boxes for your favorite gamer with a sweet tooth.

    21. Joy-Con controller grip kits to make destroying them in Mario Kart hurt a little less (for their thumbs, at least).

    22. A Yoshi enamel pin they'll think is just dino-mite.

    23. A Pokémon cookbook that thankfully doesn't require any actual Pokémon in the ingredient list.

    24. A Legend of Zelda encyclopedia to really bolster their knowledge of Hylia lore.

    25. A Super Smash Brothers keychain to help them rep their go-to player.

    26. A gorgeous Ocarina of Time soundtrack vinyl set so they can relive all of their favorite songs in a totally new way.

    27. An embroidered patch for the friend who's always trying to turn a ~New Leaf~.

    28. A realistically illustrated tapestry featuring the whole Star Team.

    29. A Metroid sticker that says, "hey, I think you're a parasite but I still love you."

    30. A Mario-covered suit for the dapper gamer in your life.

    31. A Pikachu hoodie that'll definitely spark joy.

    32. A super sweet Kirby keychain to give to the star video game player in your life.

    33. A Pokémon Nano Block set that'll help them build their perfect team.

    34. And an amazing keychain based on Untitled Goose Game with a magnetic beak that can pick up one of the six included charms. I KNOW this isn't a Nintendo exclusive game but gosh darn it, everyone in your life needs this amazing gift.

    Me logging on to buy everything on this list:

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