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    Stop Putting That Gross Germ-Covered Toothbrush In Your Mouth And Try This One Instead

    Put this vibrating phallic object in your mouth! You won't regret it!!!!

    So, you probably know Foreo — the company that makes sex toys for your face.

    Well, they also make another phallic, vibrating object you're going to want: an electric toothbrush!

    I am really, really into mine. It actually gets me excited to brush my teeth, which, wow, is hard to do.

    Besides looking pretty, it's a really impressive gadget with a lot of perks your normal toothbrush doesn't have.

    I've been brushing with this toothbrush for about a month now and I'm never going back.

    Of course, there are some minor problems to consider.

    This isn't a completely practical purchase, but it's great for people who buy nice things to encourage themselves to do otherwise boring or annoying tasks.

    Get your own Issa 2 toothbrush from Foreo or Sephora for $169 (available in blue, mint, pink, and black).

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