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    28 Super Extra Things To Wear When You Want More Attention

    "I'm peacocking!"

    1. A pair of metallic creepers with crossbones on the toes for a cute but creepy vibe.

    2. A crossbody purse that looks like a container of french fries, but sadly isn't a container a french fries.

    3. A pair of thick, black tights with surprise bugs on the back.

    4. A little dragon that can wrap around your ear, putting regular earrings to shame.

    5. A luxurious A-line skirt with bright polka dots for a vibrant new look.

    6. A silky maxi dress that will make you impossible to ignore when you make your grand entrance.

    7. A pinstripe blazer inspired by the master of commanding attention: Beetlejuice.

    8. A pair of sneakers with light-up soles for alerting everyone of your presence every time you move.

    9. A pair of white briefs that will give you the notifications you crave.

    10. A pair of butterfly wings to bust out when the conversation stops being about you.

    11. A pink furry jacket dedicated to the poshest of all the dog breeds.

    12. A skirt featuring Starry Night so people will admire you like the work of art you are.

    13. A pair of mirrored oxfords you can see yourself in.

    14. An pullover sweatshirt with an extremely loud print that's impossible to ignore.

    15. A cheese dress you can't go wrong in, because who doesn't love cheese?

    16. An orange puffy jacket to wear when you want to impersonate Syracuse's Otto the Orange.

    17. A glitter crop-top that locks eyes with everyone who sees it.

    18. A puffy tulle dress for living every day like you're a swan princess.

    19. A pair of glitter booties that are basically disco balls for your feet.

    20. A pair of shiny mermaid leggings for when you want to be shellfish and hog the spotlight.

    21. A skirt filled with LEDs that can really light up a room.

    22. An embroidered floral shift dress, because like a rose garden, you need constant tending to in order to flourish.

    23. A mermaid sequin backpack that changes colors when you touch it, guaranteeing that everyone you meet will be following you around and petting your back.

    24. A tasseled bodysuit you absolutely cannot wear without some matching roller skates.

    25. A pair of gigantic gem drop earrings for a look that'll definitely garnet some attention.

    26. A false collar that instantly adds some personality to your outfit.

    27. A pair of ombre tights for an unexpected pop of color.

    28. A simple LBD with surprise wings in the back for convincing people you really did fall from heaven.

    Wear everything on this list?