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    32 Cool Etsy Shops To Try In 2021 If You’re Sick Of The Same Ol' Places

    Fun jewelry, crochet kits, rare houseplants, and more cool items to check out.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Hyworks translates 2D designs into movable, wearable artwork.


    Hyworks is an LA-based operation run by designer Hyun Yu. She is influenced by her work as a graphic designer and creates fun, dynamic pieces of jewelry that look like bubbles and mobiles.

    Items we love: circle earrings for $69.90 and the hair pin for $51.90

    2. SoniaLazoIllustrator makes colorful and eclectic clothing for daring dressers along with wonderful prints for whimsical homes.


    This Etsy shop is run by So Lazo, an illustrator based in El Salvador. You can find tons of cute shorts, pants, prints, and backpacks in colorful, silly designs that range from creepy-cute to pastel acid trip.

    Items we love: the Humpty Dumpy backpack for $65 and the haunted piano joggers for $65 (available in sizes XS–3X)

    3. Brown Plant Girls knows what will heal your soul and the answer is PLANTS! They sell all sorts of rare and unusual houseplants ready to become your new leafy friends.


    This POC-owned shop is based in Florida and sells some really cool plants. I own a lot of houseplants (60+) and can tell you it's not every day you see a raven ZZ plant for sale.

    Items we love: the hoya for $19.98+ (available in three types) and the string of hearts for $29.98

    4. Sensi Pal Store is the place to go for all your soothing sensory needs, whether that's a squish panel or a whole box of fidget toys.


    I think everyone could use something soothing right about now. This Ohio-based shop run by Catherine Grunden has all sorts of interesting items that can help soothe restless bodies, like compression sheets, weighted plush toys, and therapy putty.

    Items we love: the squish panel for $2.50+ (available in four styles) and therapy putty for $4.50 (available in three firmnesses)

    5. ilikeCATSshop provides you with all the sassy cat (and sometimes dog!) merch you could possibly need.


    This Birghton, UK-based business was created by Toby Oliver Dean in 2021. You can see the artist's love for pets in each quirky design. From pins to jewelry to even pot holders, there's something for every type of animal lover.

    Items we love: the rainbow dog print for $22.84 and the beanie for $25.69

    6. Hola Hermanas Co is run by two sisters (hence the name) and has some of the cutest accessories you can find. Melty heart shades? Butterfly patches? FUZZY SCRUNCHIES? I'm in.


    Hola Hermanas Co is a Latinx-owned business based in California. All the items are handmade, meaning no two are the same.

    Items we love: the furry scrunchy for $3.50 (available in three patterns) and the shell sunglasses for $6 (available in five colors)

    7. Wool Couture Company caters to all your crafty needs from weaving to crochet. If you've ever said "hmm I'd like to do something with yarn," this is your place.

    WoolCoutureCompany, Wool Couture Company

    This UK-based business is run by Claire Gelder. They sell knitting, crochet, weaving, and macrame kits, along with beautiful yarn. Gelder supports the British wool industry by buying pure wool from local mills.

    Items we love: the loom for $42.82+ (available in 12 options) and the flamingo crochet kit for $99.90+ (available with or without crochet hooks)

    8. Designed in Neverland is worth checking out if you're into personalized beaded bracelets. Careful: It's hard to buy just one.

    DesignedinNeverland / Etsy, neverlanddanielle / Via

    This Black-owned Etsy shop sells darling bracelets in a variety of themes (like Disney, of course) and you can even get custom bracelets with your favorite names or phrases.

    Items we love: the Star Wars collection for $15+ (available in four styles and 10 star bead color options) and the design your own bracelet option for $14+ (available in nine lengths and four colors)

    9. PinBoys makes unique pop culture pins you won't find anywhere else.


    This San Francisco shop is great because it sells pins you don't realize you need until you see them, like a Myspace Tom and a moving Stop Making Sense pin. Really, they had me at the Tayne Wobble Hat design.

    Items we love: Tayne pin for $12 and the Ikea instruction man patch for $7

    10. Titina Store just wants to arm you with cute accessories that will bring a smile to everyone's faces.


    This Mexico-based business is run by Julieta Ruezga, who started the shop while in school. The kitschy, cute accessories take influence from Ruezga's childhood and Mexican culture.

    Items we love: snowman earrings for $40 and the lemon bag for $65

    11. 999Spyglass sells embroidered baseball hats sporting a plethora of different Disney designs, so you're sure to find one for you.


    Maryland-based 999Spyglass is run by Claire and sells tons of cute Disney references on hats (and sometimes tees). Some, like the Zero design, even have an option for glow-in-the-dark thread. The store also sells custom pet portrait hats. Just picture that! Your pet! On your hat!

    Items we love: the Zero hat for $24.99+ (available in 12 colors) or the frozen treats tee for $28+ (available in sizes XS–3X and six colors)

    12. The Fine Print Paperie has all the jaw-droppingly adorable stationery and office supplies your pastel-loving heart could ever desire.


    This Black-owned business sells budget-friendly items like fuzzy pens, highlighters, and notepads. If you love color, you'll love this selection.

    Items we love: a glass paperclip for $2.49 and the leaf pen for $2.89

    13. The Peach Fuzz sells feminist apparel and accessories with the goal of helping people feel empowered and proud in their own bodies.


    The Peach Fuzz was founded by Elizabeth Hudy, an outspoken feminist who designs all the graphics featured in the products. You can find progressive accessories along with things that are just downright cute and uplifting.

    Items we love: nonmedical face mask with elastic ear loops for $7 and the surf club sticker for $4

    14. WLO Wood wants your dog to live better than you do in a luxurious wooden palace.

    house-shaped dog house with plush bedding and glass door

    This Turkish business offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Item we love: solid wood doghouse $163+ (available in five sizes)

    15. Alien in a Jar sells geeky merch that's so cute it'll make your eyes pop out of your head.


    Alien in a Jar is a trans-owned business run by Ian T. Bisbal in Barcelona, Spain. The shop is full of all the Pokémon, Hannibal, and Simpsons items you need. Personally, I have half the inventory in my cart right now because it's all so amazing!

    Items we love: a trans Pikachu card patch for $15.38 and the snuggly Homer patch for $10.26

    16. Pepper Palm offers lovely homes for all your favorite leafy friends. Why settle for a plain terra-cotta pot when you could have one that's hand-painted?


    Because these are hand-painted, each pot is a unique work of art. Pepper Palm is a Black-owned business based in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Items we love: large pot for $35+ (available in 11 patterns) and the saucer for $3+ (available in five patterns).

    17. Monochromatiques makes handmade porcelain and metal jewelry in plenty of geometric, whimsical designs.


    This Parisian brand is run by Isabelle who started 10 years ago as an escape from the screen. She gets inspiration from simple, unassuming everyday objects. A floppy disk or book of matches takes on new meaning in the form of a quirky accessory.

    Items we love: the red-boots necklace for $41.03 and the floppy-disk pin for $15.31

    18. Viveltre makes inventive and artful gourmet marshmallows that'll make your stomach growl before you even add anything to cart.


    This confectionery shop sells some of the most creative marshmallow flavors you can find, including espresso, Fruity Pebbles, and even something called Unicorn Party. There are also other sweet treats like chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate bars, and peanut brittle.

    Items we love: the Bacon Bourbon Sutra marshmallows for $5.99+ and the "Chocolate Seduction 7-Layer S’mores" treat for $9.99

    19. The Foggy Dog caters to "discerning pets and their people" with fun, eye-catching prints and patterns.


    This California-based company offers lots of fun dog products like collars, bandanas, and bed covers. Also hey, if you need a cute poop bag, they got 'em!

    Items we love: green leash for $62 and poop bag for $26

    20. Stylish Sista sells hand-drawn stickers and prints featuring tons of pop culture references and beloved icons like Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat.


    This Black-owned business sells single stickers, sticker sheets, nail stickers, wall banners, and more. Pretty much everything you need to decorate your whole life.

    Items we love: Nick Minaj stickers for $4.99+ (available in matte or glossy) and smiley nail stickers for $10

    21. Barruntando is sure to delight anyone with its handmade ceramics.


    This business is owned and designed by a group of women who work out of a workshop in Avilés, Spain, an area with great ceramic tradition. The shop also accepts custom orders — like these made-to-order wedding-cake toppers that I plan to purchase for my own wedding!

    Items we love: the tree ring dish for $41.03 and the platypus bowl for $48.72

    22. GRRRL Spells makes spooky goodies that any occult lover will find spellbinding.


    This queer, POC-owned shop offers horror and occult-inspired art and accessories. They have pins, patches, prints, stickers, shirts, socks, and zines all designed to please your witchy heart.

    Items we love: the queer magic pin for $9.87 and witch boba patch for $8.23

    23. Marley's Monsters helps people cut down on waste with adorable and cheerful looking eco-friendly products.


    Earth called and wants you to check out this Oregon-based shop. Marley's Monsters was started by Sarah Dooley while she was on maternity leave from an interior designer job. Now the store sells a wide range of eco-friendly products like reusable "paper" towels and washable sponges. A lot of these things have even been really popular on BuzzFeed lists!

    Items we love: the 24-count "paper" towel roll for $86 or the washable sponge for $10

    24. Little Pickle Memories provides adorable keepsakes like baby books, sticker sets, and cards that families are sure to cherish forever.


    This business was started when the co-founders couldn't find keepsakes after their daughter was born that worked for their two-mom family. Now they make all sorts of future heirlooms for all types of families.

    Items we love: baby stickers for $4.28 and the baby book for all families for $28.55

    25. Daniela Tabois creates made-to-order bridal outfits, elegant and flashy apparel, face masks, and other fashionable items lovers of sequins and glitter will squeal over.


    This Black-owned business is based in Brooklyn and has some really gorgeous items you should check out if you're looking to stand out from the crowd.

    Items we love: mauve lace face mask for $25 and a sequin top for $525 (available in sizes S–XL)

    26. Kaleidadope sells a selection of greeting cards, stationery, and more in designs that range from beautiful to absolutely hilarious.


    Kaleidadope is a Black-owned business that specializes in greeting cards, incense, candles, tarot cards, and other wonderful items that make for great gifts for yourself and others.

    Items we love: the "Finest Alcohol" quarantine birthday card for $5.50 and the Kaleidadope tarot deck for $60

    27. Once Upon a Tee Shirt combines beloved Disney characters and pop culture moments into efficient shirts that show off not one, but two of your interests at once.

    Once Upon a Tee Shirt / Etsy

    This Iowa-based shop also sells Disney-themed stickers, pins, and headbands so you can have proper attire for your next Disney+ binge-watching event.

    Items we love: a shirt inspired by Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" for $24.99+ (available in unisex sizes M–3XL) and a Powerline magnet for $4.

    28. The Heart Department Handmade sells beautiful wooden accents to make sure all your most treasured items have a proper stage to shine on.


    This Black-owned business sells lots of cute calendars, frames, and bookends. My favorites are the little wooden houses!

    Items we love: the frame for $32.50 and the house candle holder for $28.50

    29. Freshly Preserved freeze dries all your favorite snacks, turning them into a totally new experience. A light and crunchy experience!


    This Etsy shop is based in Ohio and sells petty much any food you can think of in freeze-dried form — even cheesecake!

    Items we love: gummy bears for $6.79 and the jalapenos for $8.49

    30. Housecat Club knows your cat means the world to you, so they make amazing felt toys worthy of your perfect feline pal.


    These toys are so cute, you'll wanna get some for yourself too! They're handmade, vegan, and made with recycled materials.

    Items we love: the Valentine's Day bouquet for $16 and the banana peel for $14

    31. MoonShineSuds makes bath time lots of fun with creative and wacky bars of soap. You'll feel sorry about using them, but luckily, some come with a little toy inside.


    This Tennessee-based business is run by Synnøve Robinson, a mom and self-declared "mad soap scientist."

    Items we love: the wolf pup soap for $6.95 and the heart skull for $7

    32. Lil Maisons offers items that'll make you feel like you have a little piece of the Roman empire right in your living room. On top of columns and statues for your air plants, you can also get colorful coasters, vases, and other delightful items to bring some cheer to your home.


    Lil Maisons is a woman-owned shop based in Burbank, California that specialized in handmade concrete decor and planters. I've bought some stair air plant holders from this biz and can confirm the experience was 100% wonderful!

    Items we love: the concrete column air plant holder for $22 and the smiley face coasters for $18

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