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    33 Effective Products That Just Work And Have The Review Photos To Prove It

    Skeptical? These products come with visual proof.

    1. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses made to protect your hardworking peeps from eye strain. No more taking a moment to sigh and rub your eyes — unless you get another annoying email from your boss.

    2. A grout pen that takes one looks at your dirty tiled floors and walls and goes "I can handle that." Just use this bad boy to paint right over all the dirt and grime.

    3. An effective rasp capable of stripping off all the dead skin and calluses on your feet, so you can have silky soft pups, no painful cracks in sight.

    4. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets you're sure to take a shine to once you see how shiny and bright they make all your oldest and grossest bottles look.

    three reviewer images that say before, during, and after. the before is a dark brown bottle, the during is the bottle filled with sudsy water, and the after image is a clean bottle

    5. Stain remover possibly created by the gods of white couches, because it can get rid of even the toughest of wine spills.

    6. A rust removing gel spray – you may be tempted to say "abra cadabra" as you use it. It's that magical!

    four images that show a very orange shower gradually losing all orange rust stains

    7. A jewelry cleaning pen you can count on to add new shine to your gems, no costly trip to the jeweler needed.

    a reviewer image of a cloudy looking ring and another image of the same ring looking much clearer

    8. A pet grooming glove capable of ridding your furry friend of all their excess fur with just a few swipes. And they'll probably even enjoy it because it'll feel like a great petting session!

    9. A biotin shampoo to help reunite you with your old hair. Hello old friends, I missed each and every one of you.

    reviewer with a bald spot that says before and the same reviewer with more hair that says 13 days after first use

    10. An electric pressure washer to help you blast away every speck of dirt on your outdoor furniture.

    reviewer image of dark table with half of it cleaned by the pressure washer to show light wood underneath

    11. An itty-bitty toenail brace set capable of fixing your painful ingrown toenail problem.

    a review image of a bent nail that says september 12 2017 next to another picture of the nail looking much flatter that says november 9 2017

    12. A pet hair remover that'll pull all the fur off your belongings. It turns out that white fur coat you own is actually a black denim jacket???

    13. A pack of pantry moth traps to finally rid your home of those tiny, annoying bug aviators.

    14. A set of foam curling rods that promises to give you an amazing heads of curls while you sleep. Beauty sleep is a real thing!

    15. A mini fabric steamer that takes way less time to set up than an iron and ironing board.

    16. A snout soother capable of soothing your dog's crusty nose, bringing it back to pristine, boop-able condition.

    17. A drain cover so you can fill your tub all the way to the tippy top.

    reviewer image of bathtub filled up higher than normal thanks to the cover

    18. A pack of melamine cleaning sponges that can take on even the toughest stains (think: marker on your freshly painted walls). You just need water and a healthy dose of fear of your guests judging you!

    19. A pack of butterfly-shaped sticky traps to install near your houseplants so you can finally evict all those tiny fly free-loaders.

    20. A carpet cleaning solution that works so well, you'll be surprised to learn you actually had a white carpet this whole time.

    reviewer image of vacuum cleaning carpet. there is a stripe that is noticeably cleaner

    21. A barbed drain snake able to grab hold of all the gross gunk and hair building up in your drain and yank it out. Keep a barf bag nearby when using this, just in case.

    reviewer image of orange spiked drain snake being pulled out of drain covered in a lot of gunk and hair

    22. A nail and cuticle oil to bring life back to your damaged nails, even if you did something really bad like — gasp! — peel off a gel manicure.

    reviewer before and after shot that shows cracked nails on the left and considerably healthier nails on the right

    23. A hanger rack for all your spare hangers that are just hanging around, getting tangled, and making you miserable.

    24. Delish blackberry-flavored gummies that have melatonin in them to help you get to sleep, no prob.

    25. A super cute and basically tear-resistant stuffed duck that's built to last. Even some of the most successful toy destroyers will have a tough time going through this duck.

    26. A cast-iron scrubber — aka a piece of chain mail (cool) — to lift leftover food grit but not the pan's seasoning. This is great for tough food stains that your gentle sponge simply can't manage on its own.

    27. A pack of Miracle-Gro water storing crystals to prevent both under- *and* over-watering, which I believe are the top two killers of houseplants.

    28. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets that'll clean the thing that helps you clean. I scratch your back, you scratch mine, dishwasher.

    29. A portable personal blender so you can start every morning with a nutritious breakfast and have one less cup to clean.

    30. A drill brush kit that'll turn your drill into a mean cleaning machine.

    31. A beeswax wood polish and conditioner to give your furniture an impossibly lustrous shine previously never seen in your home. And all in record time.