33 Pieces Of Disney-Themed Clothing You Won't Be Embarrassed To Wear In Public

    Because everyone's bought something from a Disney park that looks *so good*... until you get home and are like, "Uhhhh."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Little Mermaid beanie. You'll want it to be part of your world.

    2. A sewing-themed Minnie shirt that's cute as a button.

    3. A spooky and subtle crossbody purse inspired by the classic Haunted Mansion ride.

    4. A long-sleeve shirt that says "I know" for days you're feeling rebellious.

    5. A dazzling clutch almost as lavish as all the treasure in the Cave of Wonders.

    6. A baseball hat to wear on days you can't visit the real Disneyland castle.

    7. Speaking of Disneyand, a fun T-shirt that's an ode to everyone's favorite tropical dessert.

    8. A pair of Simba socks so cute it's amazing you haven't bought them already.

    9. A Star Wars ring that will make you say "I do! — Want to see The Last Jedi again."

    10. A faux-leather Mulan tote with enough room for Mushu and your lucky cricket to ride along with you.

    11. A Jack Skellington dress you can wear on Halloween, Christmas, or pretty much whenever.

    12. An enchanting crossbody purse that will never give you the sense of impending doom that you might be stuck shaped like a candlestick forever like *some* Disney roses.

    13. A Coco collared shirt worth singing about — no matter what your parents say.

    14. A satin bomber jacket featuring the best friend duo in the galaxy.

    15. Zooptopia ankle socks to wear while running around solving missing animal cases.

    16. A retro, crewneck sweatshirt that you'll look mice in.

    17. A crossbody bag for anyone who thought the live action Plumette was too beautiful not to commemorate.

    18. A Lady and the Tramp shift dress that's doggone adorable.

    19. A pair of Mickey earrings so simple you can wear them anywhere.

    20. A long-sleeve top covered in WAY more than seven dwarves.

    21. An itty bitty Tinker Bell necklace that will have you shouting "I do believe in accessorizing! I do! I do!"

    22. A splurge-worthy clutch sporting sparkles and a signature Minnie Mouse bow as a clasp.

    23. A pair of tropical looking shades that will do in a Stitch.

    24. A crewneck sweatshirt you'll want to wear everywhere.

    25. A Bambi dress that will be near and deer to your heart.

    26. A BB-8 romper that is the droid you're looking for.

    27. An Evil Queen backpack to wear on days you're chilling like a villain.

    28. A pair of elaborate ballerina flats that will keep your feet comfortable while you're trekking around Wonderland.

    29. A ruffly bomber jacket with an embroidered floral design featuring some subtle princess accessories.

    30. An under-scrub shirt that's chic enough to wear out of the hospital.

    31. A ruffled shirt with a totally mad collar featuring some subtle items from Alice in Wonderland.

    32. A Millennium Falcon dress you'll go into hyperdrive to grab your credit card for.

    33. A pair of eared, water-resistant sneakers that will make you actually excited for rain.

    Just admiring all this cute stuff.