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    36 Valentine's Day Gifts That Have No Right Being So Adorable

    Seriously, if they don't lose their voice from squealing, did you even get them a good gift?

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    1. An adorable oven mitt so you and your special someone can whip up some Valentine's Day treats.

    2. A pack of adorable animal pens they can use in their journal to write about what a great Valentine's Day they had.

    3. A pair of kissing Chihuahua salt and pepper shakers almost as cute as you and your S.O.

    chihuahua salt and pepper shakers kissing

    4. A crossbody purse with a cat-shaped window perfect for showing off their pin collection without risking any getting lost.

    model holds crossbody purse with cat-shaped window to show pins inside

    5. A peace sign vase sure to make their space feel more peaceful. That's just common sense. Peace sign in home = peaceful home.

    matte mint vase shaped like peace sign

    6. A teeny-tiny whale shark speaker with big sound.

    tiny whale shark speaker

    7. A pair of sunglasses to help them have heart eyes all. damn. day.

    model wears heart-shaped red glasses

    8. A mini waffle maker that pops out little edible hearts that might show up your lopsided heart pancakes.

    9. A candle celebrating where you two first met. This gift smells like success!

    candle that says john and sarah with map where they met and a lid that says burning bright since 2016

    10. A DIY scratch-a-sketch valentine so you can keep your messages short and sweet (and cute).

    the sketch notes in red and silver

    11. A pair of narwhal slippers to keep their toes warm, even in their arctic-like apartment.

    narwhal slippers

    12. A custom necklace in the shape of a child's drawing so they can show off what a great artist their favorite mini Picasso is.

    child's drawing in necklace form

    13. A happy little sun that'll warm their hands AND their heart.

    hand holds hand warmer with sun on it

    14. A charming necklace that will be a grape present for anyone wineing about having nothing to wear.

    bottle of wine pouring a heart shaped liquid into wine glass

    15. A teeny-tiny Polaroid camera keychain to give to someone you think is picture perfect.

    tiny polaroid spitting out tiny image

    16. A pair of custom dog socks so everyone knows they have a cute pet (and a super thoughtful partner).

    dog next to socks that have its face as a pattern on them

    17. A sweet AirPod case that gives the gift of keeping their tiny ear speakers safe and fashionable.

    18. An insulated heart or bear glass tea cup that will make your shared tea time that much more romantic.

    19. A coloring book dedicated to something you and your loved one see a lot.

    20. A giant pile of Pokémon stickers so they can catch 'em all at once.

    illustrated pokemon stickers

    21. A pack of heart-shaped carabiners to show you wanna lock them down for good. ;)

    the carabiners in multiple colors

    22. A Baby Yoda jigsaw puzzle and greeting card to match so they know you think they're the cutest thing in the galaxy.

    23. A pair of dove ornaments to commemorate that time you rewatched Home Alone 2 together.

    24. A pair of Wall-E mugs that come together to form a heart. It's time to make space in your cabinet!

    two space mugs next to each other with wall-e and eve and a half heart cut-out

    25. A heart-shaped pan sure to make Valentine's Day breakfast Instagrammable as heck.

    tiny heart pan

    26. A devastatingly precious enamel pin to give to the Luna to your Artemis the next time you go out for bubble tea.

    one pin of two cats drinking bubble tea

    27. A set of ankle socks with Valentine's Day style that works all year.

    ankle socks with little hearts on ankle part

    28. A Humpty Dumpty backpack to let them know that you're falling for them, and if they break your heart, all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put it back together again.

    pastel backpack with face on the front pocket, rainbow stripes on sides, and mushrooms and humpy dumpty on the top front area

    29. A pair of fizzy mittens you might wanna (hedge)hog all for yourself.

    mittens with ears, eyes, snouts, and shaggy backs

    30. A sloth necklace you can have personalized with your names. Just don't be too slow to order this!

    necklaces with sloth charms with names engraved

    31. A hand and body wash made with aloe vera to provide a hydrating solution that cleanses without stripping your poor hands of its moisture.

    three bottles with illustrations of cats dancing on them

    32. A Funko Pop! doll of their favorite celebrity or character to add some cuteness to their desk.

    33. An unfairly adorable Simba wallet just begging you to buy as a gift. Don't say no to those eyes!

    a jungle patterned billfold with baby simba's face on it

    34. A pair of matching undies for couples who are too cool to match outfits but sappy enough to *secretly* match.

    briefs and boxers with matching space pattern

    35. A super cute iPhone case featuring everyone's favorite Disney mouse (second only to Roquefort, of course) through the ages. Give this to someone to let them know your love is as timeless as the Disney classics.

    see-through case with various mickeys on it

    36. And a Hoya Heart that will grow along with your love for your S.O. <3

    heart shaped leaf in a tiny pot

    You and your partner appreciating the ultra-cuteness.

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